3. last situation in airport project

  1. latest situation in airport project: Orhan Birdal, “3. We are at the previous stage of the place delivery process at the airport. "I think the process that will take place after the court's decision to stop the execution and the place delivery process of DHMI will coincide with that," said Birdal.
    Stating at the meeting held at DHMI's facilities in Florya, Orhan Birdal stated that the need for the new airport continues after evaluating the latest conditions of Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports, and said:
    “After revealing the last picture of Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport, it is not necessary to say much about our new airport. Hopefully there will be no interruption in this process and our airport will be built. It serves both country and world aviation. Lawsuits have been filed against multiple courts on this issue. These cases proceeded in different ways. In one of the cases, the EIA report was challenged at two points. The court concerned decided to temporarily stop execution. Why we say temporarily because the expert was created. Until he submitted the report of this expert, he stopped processing EIA until he presented it. Our statement is not about EIA. Our statement was about this tender process. The tender process continues, there are phases of the tender. The phases of this tender are still ongoing. There are no interruptions here. The court decision given has nothing to prevent or prevent these processes. Our statement was in that direction, the same situation still continues. ”
    DHMİ General Manager Orhan Birdal, a journalist, said, hal The companies that won the tender recently heard some discomfort. This EIA report will allow these institutions to breathe a little. Or is there a new process? Us he replied.
    “It is not possible for me to comment on the other subject. However, the process I just mentioned is about us. It is about the specification and contract of this tender. There is no time for this. There are some things to do here. These processes must be completed in order for us to make a delivery. These transactions are related to the mine sites there. Transactions related to expropriation, transactions related to the permits to be obtained from other public institutions We have to do all this. After doing this, the process is completed and comes to the place delivery time. This process continues. We hope that this airport, which is needed by this country, will be built, put into service as soon as possible and this will benefit the country. Maybe others might think differently. This was a crucial urgent need. What took place in what a tender a contract of this size that Turkey's finger was bitten world yet so far in the world. We take pride in this and will continue to do so. There is no missing mistake regarding the process with any tender. I hope this will be done for the benefit of this country.
    Raising the Exchange
    A journalist X On the date of the tender, 3 was the 2013 of the euro on May 2.35. Now 3 pounds. Has the company received the bid to fix the exchange rate demand? Or has he had such concerns? Indeki Orhan Birdal gave the following answer:
    “I mentioned the tender process. I wouldn't say much about his details right now. It is understandable if our specification and contract are carefully read. We sold these specifications to over 20 companies before the tender. It was very obvious what was in it. Our constitution specification and contract on this subject. Whatever it says here, we are obliged to implement it. There has been no such demand so far. Moreover, all the fiction in this contract in our contract was made in euro. The issue of exchange rate difference is not on our agenda. When you look at the tender, all the figures in the tender are euro, the bid is euro, so those who bid on the tender should have thought and evaluated in this way.
    Orhan Birdal answered the question of whether Atatürk Airport could continue to expand and continue:
    Leri It's actually too late to talk about some things. But we talked well in advance of them. I'm following something in the room by some cuttings being overlooked. Atatürk Airport is assumed to be an empty airport. You can do anything at Ataturk Airport. If you wipe Bakırköy, Florya, Sefaköy and Yeni Bosna from the map, you can enlarge Atatürk Airport. However, what we are saying is that it is difficult for the topography to be eliminated and the difficulty of eliminating the urbanization that has been formed here. We've done all the work. But for many years made all the Ataturk Airport in none of the studies have concluded that we were unable to Turkey to serve up that way. This work has been carried out by companies other than us. It's an airport complex that doesn't stop at just doing a parallel runway. We need to do this on a plan that can expand this complex as much as possible. Unfortunately, things that were not planned 50 years ago appeared as a problem today. I think that the most reasonable solution to this problem is that this region is the most rugged and completely unreasonable part of some people. 40 has not seen the post in the year after the Atatürk Airport. We plan at least 50 years after making the new airport. After that, maybe we can not afford but 50 is planning the next year On
    Sık On the question of the fact that there are many news about ground floor and excavation at the third airport, Orhan Birdal, said:
    “Of course it will push. It is not an easy construction in terms of construction. It is a field that will work as a laboratory in the world in terms of infrastructure in terms of construction technique. He has everything you mentioned. It's a land that was used roughly. The waters there are not fresh water, but rainwater puddles, or pits that fill with the rush of the sea. Of course, everything is in it. I know that the firm is working to fill this out. I know that he is doing scientific studies in terms of construction technique. The filling there must be completed in a short time and the ground must harden. Regarding the mine, the places that operate the mine must deliver it as they receive it. Unfortunately, these things will be done because this doesn't work. Technicians decide which material will be filled with this. ”
    DHMİ General Manager Birdal stated that Atatürk Airport will not be demolished after the new airport is built and said, “Atatürk Airport will not be demolished. However, there will be no scheduled flights from here. General Aviation services, maintenance and cargo services will continue. The built facility is never burned. ”
    Orhan Birdal, DHMI's 10 year after the targets for the following said:
    “We will take whatever precautions that can continue this development without interruption. We plan to serve 2023 million passengers in 375. Therefore, in order to serve this passenger, we have to establish the number of airports needed, terminal and apron capacity. Studies on this will continue without slowing down. Our number of Turkish registered medium and large body aircraft, which are currently close to 360 in the targets, will increase to 2023 in 750. It is also necessary to prepare the places where they will receive services. Both DHMI and our ministry are working hard. We are not considering a new airport, the size of a third airport. The name of the third airport will be announced when it ends, but it will have an original architect. While preparing the projects, samples are taken from many places. In all of our projects, we pay attention to reflect the characteristics of the place where that project is carried out. Eventually, an architectural work will emerge. ”
    Birdal also gave detailed information about the expansion and renovation works for Atatürk Airport in the past years and stated that the new terminal will be built and the new buildings will be built in the terminal.
    Esi The work in the area called Teneke District continues. We made the infrastructure of the area where this region will be moved. They came to the point of finishing their constructions in the areas shown within the airport in the facilities serving in that area and even happened to the transporters. 2014 will be closed before the summer season. Turkish Airlines has started construction of its cargo facilities for its new location and will continue its activities there. We will also destroy the existing cargo terminal and add it to the terminal. Apron parking places will do more than 43 aircraft parking. When these works are completed, we will earn 61 aircraft parking. The buildings will unite because the part that connects to the bridges from the inside will continue. With the new bridges will be a bit of an extension of the old building. They will be for large-bodied airplanes if they plan to supplement the 5 bellows




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