2014 at 2 Eurasia Rail. times French National Stand

2014 at 2 Eurasia Rail. Once the French National Stand: FAIVELEY with the support of Transport and Bureau Veritas, Istanbul UBIFRANCE (France Commercial Counselor) office this year as last year 6-8 attended by many French companies in the Eurasia Rail Exhibition which will be held between March is organizing a national stand. The French national stand Hol9-Stant will be on the A10.
From infrastructure engineering to intelligent transportation systems; railway vehicle equipment, rail / road combined wagons; rail vehicles and spare parts for the maintenance of the machine, so many companies specialized in the field of public transport and rail system certification to take place in this booth.
Some companies, local partnerships and affiliates therefore, the moment they are active in Turkey's market. Eurasia Rail fair will increase the French contribution to the development of new business and creating a great opportunity in terms of preparing the ground for industrial partnership also supported rail infrastructure and services with Turkey's large investment plans with Turkish companies of both French companies.
Exhibitors (booth numbers): ACTIA SODIELEC (9A10-04), BUREAU VERITAS (9A10-01), ENAG (9A10-06), FAIVELEY TRANSPORT (9A10-05), FIVES FOREST-LINE ( 9A10-08) LOHR (9A10-09) SCOMA (9A10-03), SETEC (9A10-02) SETIM (9A10-05) SOGEMA (9A10-07).
For more information: istanbul@ubifrance.fr



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