2 Bin Altitude Snow Festival Has Started

2 Thousand Elevation Snow Festival Has Begun: In Karadüz district of Ordu, this year, the first snow festival in Çambaşı Plateau was held.

AK Party Deputy Ihsan Sener, Deputy Governor of Ordu Halil Karbuz, General Secretary of Ordu Special Provincial Administration Engin Avci, Yokusdibi Mayor Yener Kaya and many citizens attended the festival which was organized by Ordu Governorship.

In his opening speech, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration of Ordu Engin Avcı expressed his thanks to the participants of the festival.

Then a speech Deputy Ihsan Army Sener, Çambaşı Black Sea Kayak Center and said that Turkey would be the largest and most important ski resort.

Şener added that the festivals provided a social fusion of people. I We are the first of the snow festival. I wish the festival would last for hundreds of years. Next year we will open the festival's ski resort and do our work to make Çambaşı a prominent ski resort in the world. We provide the necessary allowances for the lack of ski resorts. It will be opened in a short time. It will be made available to our people. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the festival. Festiv

After the speeches on stage, the artist Zeynep Mayor gave the participants an unforgettable day, and with various competitions, the citizens enjoyed themselves.

On the other hand, Deputy of the Army İhsan Şener, sohbet He used a ski engine.

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