Yildirim: My biggest dream is to come to Kastamonu

Yıldırım: It is my biggest dream for the railway to come to Kastamonu. CHP Kastamonu Mayor Candidate Mehmet Yıldırım emphasized that his biggest dream is to bring the railway to Kastamonu and stated that there is no shortage to prevent the 4 main transportation routes.
Kastamonu thought the biggest dream for the railway that the CHP candidate Mayor Mehmet Yildirim, the Ministry of Transportation during the period of the deputy said that many petitions. Transportation 4 arm and Kastamonu'nın 4 arm said that the candidate for transportation Yildirim: aday With the roads and the airport opened Kastamonu transportation has eliminated the problem of 2. Now we need to bring sea and rail transport active. I applied to the Ministry of Transport with multiple petitions to reach the railway in Kastamonu. I couldn't get any more results, but when I become mayor, I'll focus more on the railroad. It's not a dream to come to Kastamonu. Our neighbors are in Karabük, Çankırı and Samsun. We have to bring Kastamonu together with these provinces. I think this project is important in terms of transportation costs. If we can implement the railway project, we will increase the business potential of our factories. Another transportation line is the sea road. If we can still bring the Inebolu Port to more active, we can attract large passenger ships to Inebolu. 4 season Within the scope of Kastamonu work, we can revive tourism by working in coordination with our district municipalities for the development of the sea route. If the large cruise ships come to Sinop Port, why not come to İnebolu Port? As long as we prepare the infrastructure of these studies. The rest will be very easy to hold back at first. If we really want to improve tourism, we should completely eliminate the 4 mainstream transportation problem. Hopefully, I will reduce the transportation problems of Kastamonu to the maximum level..

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:11

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