YHTden tourism expectation

yhtd tourism forecast: Bilecik Mayor Selim Oiler, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, said it is very important for Turkey, Bilecik, with YHT also would boost tourism in Bilecik and said the city would be a major attraction .
One of the most important projects of Turkey in recent years, as shown, Ankara-İstanbul will reduce to 3 hours and the line which will pass from Bilecik YHT Project Oiler indicating that the end approached, "to be completed in March, it will accelerate in Bilecik tourism with the expected YHT project. This project is very important as it is for a project to Bilecik Turkey. Bilecik will become an important center of attraction when these investments are completed ”.
Oiler viewing site construction work of the project, the project is very important for Turkey and Bilecik and pointing out to be a major attraction of Bilecik along with the investment concerned, they did everything to be done in Bilecik to complete the project, he added.
"Bilecik will become a tourist attraction"
Marka Kent Bilecik Coordinator Asst. Assoc. Dr. Metin Çelik stated that the YHT Project will change the face of Bilecik.
Stating that the activation of YHT will make an important contribution to Bilecik's tourism, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Çelik stated that the YHT Project was carried out with the organization of Bilecik Municipalities Union and the financial support of Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA).
Emphasizing that the interest of tourists in Bilecik has increased with the project "Bilecik Becomes a World Tourism Destination", Çelik said:
“Bilecik's historical texture, nature and cultural richness are now known. The geographical location of Bilecik, a city with alternative tourism options, is also a very important advantage. It is very close to our provinces such as Bursa, Eskişehir, Ankara and Istanbul, and now this proximity has become even closer with the high speed train. The fact that Bilecik is on the transition line of the high-speed train is an extra advantage. Therefore, Bilecik will become an important destination for tourists with the completion of the project, the start of high-speed train services and the already ongoing "Bilecik Becomes a World Tourism Destination" project. "
The project is planned to be completed in March and the line route 54 35 kilometer length, 12 km long 30 viaduct was specified.
High-Speed ​​Rail Project, undertaken by the company's line of China and Turkey, Bilecik is also being considered as well as the central town of Bozüyük and Osmaneli. It was stated that there is very little time left for the completion of the project, which continues for 24 hours without interruption and is significantly completed.



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