He was under the train he was trying to catch.

He was trapped by the train he was trying to catch up: In Manisa, the passenger whose foot got stuck in the door died catastrophically by falling under the train.
The incident occurred yesterday at around 22.00:31135 at the Manisa Train Station. According to the information obtained, the Blue Train numbered 69, which made the Izmir-Konya expedition, stopped to take passengers at the Manisa Train Station. Meanwhile, Gültekin İnan (112), one of the passengers who went out to get air, wanted to get on the train in a hurry when the train started to move. İnan, who threw one foot in from the train, lost his balance and the movement fell on the rails when his foot got stuck in the door due to the closing of the cool doors. The train was stopped immediately after the passengers and residents reported the situation to the authorities. Later, XNUMX Emergency Service teams were informed. Emergency Service teams who came to the scene determined that Inan died at the scene. After the prosecutor's office at the scene, he continued the Blue Train flight.
An investigation into the accident was initiated.



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