Bozdag is waiting for snow

Snow Expects Bozdag: Turkey, spring weather while living in the middle of winter, cold air, again showed his face in the basin Küçükmenderes days living without the spring. Cold weather, which came with rainy weather, caused the expectation of snow in Bozdag.

Bozdag spent the year unprofitable Christmas, although the end of January, did not see a snow face. Authorities, the lack of rainfall due to lack of drought, while explaining the beginning of a few days re-showing the face of cold weather, precipitation and snow gave birth. The Küçükmenderes basin 3 has been raining for several days, while Bozdağ, one of the most important addresses of winter tourism in the Aegean region, received a small amount of second year's profits.

According to the information received from the Meteorology, rainy weather continued, the precipitation of Bozdağ can occur in the form of snow was expressed. While Bozdağlılar is pleased to see the weather cool, winter tourism and ski lovers expect more snow in the Bozdağ Ski Center area. Bozdag Mayor Mehmet Keskin stated that Bozdag will face troublesome days if it does not snow.

Providing information on the subject, President Keskin said: kin Snow is our capital in Bozdağ. We expect snowfall as Bozdağlılar. The winter season is very dry this year. Half of the season we have finished in the days we can say that it did not snow. This affects both our water and winter tourism. At the same time, we can wait for us in agricultural irrigation. Even worse, the danger bells can be stolen in our drinking water. Bozdağ was the only region in terms of tourism in the past few years. This year due to the lack of snow, we could not get our share in tourism. I hope that the snow falling a little more in the coming days in the coming days, and encounter problems that we may encounter the Bozdağlileri rescues.

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