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Uzungöl arch model cable car: It was reported that the first digging for the cable car planned to be built between Uzungöl and Garester plateau, which is the tourism center of Trabzon's Çaykara district, will be hit in the coming days.
Uzungöl'de Mayor Abdullah Aygun said in a statement, said it highlights the natural beauty and this year is visited by about 1 million 375 thousand tourists Uzungöl'de town of Turkey's most important tourism centers and the almost locomotives in tourism in the eastern Black Sea.
In order to further develop tourism in the region, Aygun said that they wanted to build a ropeway between the lake in the town and the Garester Plateau located in the upper part of the lake. We gave the cable car tender to the Beyaz Anadolu Limited Şirketi with the method of operation and the preliminary protocol T.
The company had a meeting with a foreign factory on this issue but waiting for the legal procedures due to the exchange rate between Euro and Shillings due to exchange rate Aygun said, Aygun, ile I hope the January 2014 will hit the dig for the construction of the ropeway. The cable car to be built in Uzungöl will be able to carry 700 people per hour. Even on the 2 bin 868 meter long, the cable car 4 will arrive at Garester Plateau in seconds 13 seconds. The cabins of the ropeway, which consists of two cabins, one of which is going to be one and the other in turn, is quite large. A cabin can carry around 50 people at once. So 50 people go back to Garester Plateau 50 person will be able to return, Yani he said.
Aygün also pointed out that the ropeway will be made very modern and said,, We need to go to the mountains to increase tourism. Skiing will increase in our region when the cable car is made. In order to prevent the cable car from creating air pollution, we considered it suitable as two tubes. The cable car to be built in Uzungöl will be the same as the cable car in Antalya Kemer Tahtalı ele.
Aygun stressed the importance of the Garester and the next Sekersu plateau near Uzungöl in terms of winter tourism and said, Şek 1500 will be able to ski in Garester Plateau with the construction of the cable car. Uçarsu village on the northern slope of the same mountain is a place where the international winter olympics can be made. 6 snow is not getting out of here, there is no such place in any part of the world. Buradan
Mayor Aygün stated that they were about to solve the reconstruction problem of Uzungöl and said, 'It will be finished soon. Our zoning passed through all institutions. I hope the zoning plan will come into force in the next 2014. It is not possible to make everyone happy, but there is no other Uzungol, but it must be protected. H
Uzungöl'da natural life in the sense of everything is in the way, in the Regional Directorate of Forestry and Water Affairs with natural trout release of the creeks and the lake is full of fish, wild ducks in the lake, the forest covered with forests and bears stating that Aygün Aygün, due to winter conditions in the natural life of the region support for the various regions of grass and hay and butchers from the butchers said they had left.
Dr. Abdulllah Aygun, Uzungol'un also deal with the sewerage problem and prevented pollution in the lake began to revive the water plants, 'Uzungol'da natural life, there is not a slight deficiency. Our animal wealth in natural life and our ducks are increasing every year. Doğal
Aygun, is not a congress center in Trabzon, but the Uzungöl 25 million pounds of a congress center by expressing the desire, said:
Var There is a convention center plan of 1461 personality for Uzungol. If we take the necessary permits from the relevant institutions, the investor is ready, a strong businessman, a parliamentarian, wants to make a congress center with a model to build in Trabzon. Thus, in Trabzon, convention tourism, cruiser tourism can be made. Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz is excited and enthusiastic about tourism, I hope we will benefit from it. Trabzon
Abdullah aygun, three times went to Davos, emphasizing that Uzungol is much more beautiful than Davos, ğ Believe we have more than Davos. We're actually sitting on the treasure. Trabzon and Eastern Black Sea tourism paradise. All Europe has discovered it and we are still unaware. Bütün

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