Ukraine Biathlon National Team Prepares Sochiye Kandillide

Ukraine Biathlon National Team is Preparing Sochiye Kandillide: The sports facilities built in Erzurum at 2011 University are the focus of attention of foreigners. Ukraine Biathlon National Team has started the camp at Kandilli Ski Resort.

The ice and winter sports centers in Erzurum attract the attention of foreigners. Before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia National Biathlon National Team entered the camp in Erzurum. The National Biathlon National Team of Ukraine, who came to Erzurum by plane from the previous evening and was met by GHISM officers, then moved to Kandilli and entered the camp. The Ukrainians who will camp at Kandilli Ski Center will be preparing for the XIII Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Erzurum Ukraine Biathlon National Team camp in Kandilli willingness to Erzurum with Turkey's National Olympic Committee was welcomed by the Directorate of Youth Services and Sports City. Turkey's National Olympic Committee Secretary General Nese Gundogan Erzurum the Ukrainian Erzurum GHS I conveyed the request to camp in Kandilli. With the GHSIM's hot look, the Ukrainian National Biathlon National Team came to Erzurum and started the camp. The Ukrainian skiers who were welcomed by Muhammet Taşkesenligil and Mehmet Kahraman at the airport experienced great joy and happily took the road to Kandilli Ski Center.


During the summer season, Russian and Ukrainian athletes and skiers had a summer development camp in Erzurum. Now, it was a great honor for the Ukraine Biathlon National Team to camp in Erzurum and to prepare for the Sochi Winter Olympics in Erzurum. Nearly 20 skiers took part in the squad that started the camp under the supervision of Oleksandr Bilanenko. Erzurum Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Süleyman Arısoy said that they were happy that Erzurum was preferred by foreign athlete groups. Arısoy said, “We are happy that the sports facilities built by our government and our state in Erzurum are preferred by foreign athletes for camping. While there is no snow in many places, the smooth service of Erzurum's ski facilities is a great challenge for Erzurum. kazanit's hard. I wish success to the Ukrainian athletes who camped in Erzurum before the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.”

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