Kurtalana Train Expeditions Restarted

Kurtalana Train Schedules Restarted: Due to the renovation and maintenance works of the Kurtalan-Diyarbakır railway line, the maintenance and repair construction of the railway line that was closed for 18 months was completed and put into service.
After the completion of the maintenance and repair of the railway line, a ceremony was held due to the Kurtalan Express starting to carry passengers to Kurtalan.
Speaking at the ceremony, Kurtalan District Governor Mustafa İmamoğlu said that with the completion of the old railway line works of the Kurtalan Express, passengers can now travel faster.
Kurtalan Station Chief Selahattin Yıldırım stated that with the completion of the new line, the Express between Kurtalan and Ankara started to carry passengers 5 days a week.
Emphasizing that passengers can now travel faster, Yıldırım said, “From now on, Kurtalan-Ankara started to carry passengers at Kurtalan Station on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 09.30:100. Kurtalan Express will reach a speed of XNUMX kilometers per hour after the line that has been maintained and repaired is fully settled. Our passengers can now travel with peace of mind on the railway line, ”he said.
Later, he visited the wagons of Kurtalan District Governor Mustafa İmamoğlu Ekspres and received information from the authorities.

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