TOKI from 3. airport description

TOKI from 3. airport description: Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKI) Presidency, the expropriations in the region, Istanbul 3. He stated that the airport project was not used for any other purpose.
TOKİ made a statement on the news about the 'Istanbul 3rd Airport Project' expropriation process, which took place in some press organs recently. Reminding that the expropriation works have been carried out for the “Istanbul 3rd Airport Project” located in the European Side Reserve Building Area of ​​Istanbul province, TOKİ Presidency said, “Airport Expropriation Area is about 7.700 hectares and approximately 152,5 hectares of this area is subject to private property and the necessary budget has been allocated. The remaining part of the project area is in public savings.
The method of determination of the expropriation value is the 2942. According to the provisions, procedures, principles and scientific studies and CMB licensed appraisal data, price determinations are made.
As the Istanbul 3rd Airport Project is an investment on a country and world scale, the Ministry of Prime Ministry Mass Housing Administration (TOKİ) has been given the authority of “Urgent Expropriation” with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated January 02, 2014.
Expropriations made by our administration in the region are made for the Istanbul 3rd Airport project and it is not possible to use it for any other purpose. ” He transferred his knowledge.
In the statement, after the completion of the expropriation process, the immovable in question; Emphasizing that the Istanbul 3rd Airport Project will be transferred to the Treasury on the condition that it is allocated to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, “As a result, the news against our Administration in both visual and written media do not reflect the truth. is carried out within the framework of regulations. ” The statement said.

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