Two cities in Bolivia are connected by cable car (Video)

In Bolivia, the two cities were connected by a cable car: the end of the cable car line that connects the cities of La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia.

In the project undertaken by the Austrian Doppelmayr company, the steel ropes of the ropeways made of the towers started to be worn.

The 240 cable car line, which will cost $ 1 million, is expected to be commissioned in March.

The 10 station will be located at a distance of 10 km between two cities. 427 cabin was built on top of the tower even stations.

Julien Loius Croses, the company manager, said that they have made the world's largest project in the field of ropeway.

One of the cities is 4 one thousand meters from the sea and the other one is at the height of 3,600 meters.

It is estimated that the 18 thousand passengers will be using the ropeway service every hour.

The ropeway system is expected to take a sigh of relief for both cities, where the population is dense and geographical conditions are not suitable for road transport.