Transportation of Elderly People with Ankarakart

Access to the Elderly will be facilitated: The citizens of 65 over the capital will be able to get to the metro and Ankaray, as well as at any time they want, free of charge. The distribution of free-of-charge Ankarakart in orange, which provides freedom to urban transport for elderly citizens, continues at 6.
According to information provided by EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu the orange free Ankarakart in color, 60 years to complete 61 years old the day area and 75 TL equivalent to the citizens residing in Ankara, he completed his 64 years 65 years old the day area and Turkey residing anywhere citizens are also paid for the 5 TL.
60-65 aged between the 10.00 16.00 19.00 and 24.00 and 65 free XNUMX and XNUMX will continue to benefit from the free time between the XNUMX and XNUMX, '' according to the new arrangement of citizens over the age of the public transport including Metro and Ankaray hours can be free to ride, saat he said.
In order to have an orange colored Ankarakarta, Tahiroğlu stated that it is enough to apply to any one of the 6 Card Distribution Centers with his ID and a photograph, and gave the following information:
With the two centers at the Kızılay Metro Station, the distribution of the cards with the electronic sequence number system is continued in our Metropolitan Municipality Building Public Relations Unit, Akköprü, Dikimevi and Beşevler metro stations. Older cards received last year, 31 January 2014 can be used until the date. New cards, while the desired time can be taken for a year. Therefore, there is no need to hurry too much. Bu
Tahiroglu free of the free Ankarakart'ların lost in the system will be reduced immediately and the card will be given twice the cost of the new one that will be expressed Tahiroğlu, distributed this year, the expiration date of the free use 31 2014 December XNUMX said.
Tahiroğlu stated that the free cards will be extended every year for the personal application, and for the full Ankarakart printed in blue, he said:
'Our full cards will be deployed with the full introduction of the intelligent magnetic system. As there will be no personalization in full cards, the capitalists will be able to buy their cards from the kiosk, the subway, the box office, in many places. A one-off 5 will be charged to the cards to be transferred to the desired amount of TL. For each use, the applicable fare according to the tariff determined by UKOME will be reduced from the total amount of money on the card. 6 will continue for a while until the old system, old tickets can be used.

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