The Continuous Growing İZBAN Makinist Number is Increasing

📩 29/11/2018 18:27

Continuously Growing İZBAN's Number of Machinists Increases: The number of machinists of İZBAN, which is the important power of transportation, train set, number of stations and length of which is constantly growing in İzmir, has increased from 106 to 130. 24 engineer candidates traveled 15 thousand kilometers and earned the right to receive their badges.
İZBAN, which will have the first 40 wagons in the tender of 9 EMU train sets, which it has put out in order to make the rail public transportation system offered to Izmir people stronger, will increase the number of machinists accordingly. 6 machinist candidates, who have undergone very intensive training and tests for 24 months at İZBAN, have been entitled to get their badges by traveling 15 thousand kilometers. After the badge ceremony, the number of İZBAN's machinists will increase from 106 to 130.
The number of trains of İZBAN, which is in a great development in every direction, will start to increase as of February. 43, the number will be first, 46'ya, the other sets to be commissioned in Izmir, this number will be 83. With the opening of the Hilal Transfer Station, the number of stations rising to 32, and when Torbalı line is activated, 38 will reach the station and 80 will reach the 111 kilometer. With the completion of the studies in the Pergamon-Seljuk direction, this length will exceed the 188 kilometer.

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