The humorous answer to the claim of TMBDden Aydınlık newspaper

Humorous answer to the allegations of Aydınlık newspaper from TCDD: Aydınlık newspaper published a news article titled 'Haydarpaşa became a disco'. In the news given from the first page, the expressions that Haydarpaşa Train Station was closed to citizens and turned into an entertainment center were used. The following claims were made in the news:
“Within the framework of Haydarpaşa Railway Station and Port Transformation Project, the historical Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which was closed to the public since 18 June 2013 and closed to the public, was rented and turned into an entertainment center. It was stated that the rental of Haydarpaşa Station, which was registered as a first-degree historical monument by the Cultural Heritage Conservation Board, on special occasions such as weddings and New Year's Eve, and would turn into an entertainment center.
After the news appeared in Aydınlık Newspaper, a statement was made by TCDD. The statement stated that the news is not correct. In the statement, the following statements were used: “Thanks to the unfounded news about our organization in recent days, it was crowned with the news of Aydınlık Newspaper titled“ Haydarpaşa became a disco ”…
According to the newspaper, the gar is closed to the ring. R Rented into entertainment center has been turned into. General Directorate of the rental fee given by the General Manager 6 thousand three hundred liras or so l Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar in the History of the Fault, the first paragraph of the book as the first paragraph of the news halka
The garage was not closed to the public, open to all en Gar's barber tenant, right, the historic Haydarpasa restaurant is rented, right, the complex is rented to lie… The instruction of the General Manager also lies!
It is not a valid tariff, instruction at the 43 main station and hundreds of stations of TCDD T
Asli says:
Social and cultural activities can be done in the stations and stations, it has a price, you apply, you pay the price, you pay the price, you make limited activity as a time. we always say one word.
”Brightness take us to the disco!“

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