TCDD Denies the news that Haydarpaşa was a disco

TCDD Haydarpasa Disco Had Denies News: Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), "Had Haydarpaşa Disco" has denied the news.
In the statement made by TCDD, the news titled “Haydarpaşa Becomes Disco” was stated as an example of the news that was reported to be unfounded about its organizations in a newspaper recently:
According to the newspaper, the gar is closed to the ring.
6 thousand three hundred liraydik the rental fee given by the General Manager. Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar, the first paragraph of the book, which he described in the Past Ages, is wrong. The garage was not closed to the public, open to everyone. Gar's barber tenant, right, the historical Haydarpasa restaurant is rented, right, the complex is rented to lie in the ash. The instructions of the General Manager also lie Genel
TCDD'nin 43 main station and hundreds of stations in a current tariff, the instruction highlighted the explanation continued as follows:
Iz Aslı says: In the stations and stations social and cultural activities can be carried out, it has a price, you apply, you pay the price if you have the conditions, you do your limited time activity. Hundreds of films and photographs were taken at Haydarpaşa Gar. Hundreds of social cultural events were carried out.
Last year, Eti's senior staff gave a three-hour meal and Haydarpasa Gar's disco. The branch president of a union that loved railroads was proved to be a sauce for the disco news.
The same day, a newspaper in Eskişehir, Eskişehir's blackout due to TCDD's news as well as lie. The TCA's suggestions were given to the corruption and bidding of the state in the form of misrepresentation of our Agency, the misconduct to the news, the news about our General Director Süleyman Karaman's detention. The court ruled that the decision of the tender given to the corruption calls.
Sar Simit Sarayı da lies in Marmaray.
Brochure suspect lists. The rising image of YHT is to show corruption as a ”this cat is like a mouse iş in a completely legal process.
157 annually, everything recorded, 110 annually, over a thousand thousand people who work with thousands of contractors who are not used as an organization.
In the meantime, an English-language newspaper, TCDD'nin did not see the news value of statements; Look, O world, YHT is done in Turkey, but what was done with the other hairs logic with corruption.
It is understood that all of the bullshit that appeared in some media are not z unrealistic, do not reflect the truth “and do not meet our statements ending with the sentences. These explanations are already on our website ler If Haydarpaşa'yı disco made of Luminous, what to say, 29 bin 140 as a railroad, retirees, passengers, lovers, we always say by mouth. 'Bring us to the disco.



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