New Year's celebration with a nostalgic tram in Taksim

New Year's Eve celebration in Taksim with nostalgic tram: Taksim Square, the center of New Year's Eve celebrations in Istanbul, was the scene of colorful images hours before Christmas.
In the activities organized by the Beyoğlu Beautification and Protection Association, gifts were distributed from the nostalgic tram. Children's efforts to grab gifts as well as adults are not insensitive to gifts created interesting images. The songs played by the orchestra on the tram excited the crowd in the square.
The organization began with the concert of the orchestra on the nostalgic tram. Those who fell under the influence of music began to dance. The accompaniment of the songs started to follow along the Istiklal Street with the movement of the tram. There was also a race to grab the presents handed out by the orchestra dressed as Santa Claus on the tram. The distribution of gifts attracted the attention of children at first, and as the tram progressed, it started to attract the attention of adults. When the offspring tried to get everyone's gifts, interesting images appeared.
On the other hand, within the scope of preparations for New Year's Eve in Taksim Square Gezi Park was closed to the use of citizens. Only the police and members of the press can enter the park.




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