Student City Eskişehir discharges

Student city Eskişehir is emptying: Students who studied at Anadolu University and Osmangazi University in Eskişehir and brought a great deal of dynamism to the city were in a hurry to go to their hometown for the semester break.
The city, which is known as the. Student city. Where approximately 70 thousand higher education students are located, completes their final exams and returns to their homeland for the semester breaks. Students who prefer buses and trains for the return filled the bus and bus station. Students who get tickets for the days-months before, there is no problem on the way back, while the process of leaving the ticket to the last day 'how to go to the country' has fallen to the trouble.
İlhan Oray, a bus company official at Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Terminal, said that students who cannot find tickets should not panic immediately and gave additional good news that there will be additional flights from Friday. Oray said that they expect the bus to continue until Sunday, but said:
. There is a shortage of tickets for the students who will go to their hometowns during the semester. At present, Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya are extremely dense. From Friday to Sunday there will be additional flights. We expect the students to go back to normal after the end of the week with the students leaving the city. Le
On the other hand, it was learned that there was a normal density in the station and there was occasional ticket shortage in train services, and the students preferred to use railway transportation for Ankara and Konya provinces where the High Speed ​​Train went.



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