Fast Train to Work Between Ankara and Pendik in Late March

High Speed ​​Train Will Work Between Ankara-Pendik in March at the latest: TCDD 1. Regional Manager Mustafa Kıyılıoğlu gave a date for YHT; TCDD 1st Regional Manager Kıyılıoğlu stated that the high-speed train will run between Ankara and Pendik in March at the latest. In the 3rd session of the Logistics Meeting held at KOTO, railway transportation was discussed.
TCDD 1st Regional Manager Mustafa Kıylıoğlu, Derince Port Operations Manager Hilmi Sönmez, TCDD Station Manager Hüseyin Doğan and TCDD's Köseköy and Derince logistics center officials as well as the logistics and export managers of enterprises such as Tezcan Galvaniz and Savunma Tarım attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the future possibilities of the railway transportation network infrastructure with the planned investments were discussed. TCDD 2014st Regional Manager Mustafa Kıylıoğlu, who said that the high-speed train will work between Ankara and Pendik in the worst case, in March 1, in addition to the high-speed train, the problems in railway transportation were discussed in the meeting held at the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce in order to make freight transportation more easily. He stated that the network will be installed on the line and the amount of freight transported by railways will be increased.
It was discussed in the current situation of the railroads, which gained momentum with the Republic and increased the importance of the railways, which were strengthened by the technical necessities of the time. representatives of our enterprises attended. TCDD 1. Mr. Kıyılıoğlu, the Regional Director, stated that the flights between Ankara and Pendik will start at the latest in March.

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