Let's Give You a Tramless Railcar

There was no Sekaray, there was no cable car. Let us give you the tram without rail: Now it is the TRAMVAY lie? SEKARAY did not work, there was no cable car, let's give you a tram! Railless tram… We are not always going to write serious topics… Let's skip our purse a little! That "tram" issue ... Believe me, we were disgraced to the whole country. Everybody gets upset with us. And what a confusion. We fell into the language of even the media. Sir, bringing a tram to the city without rays was like "bringing the sea to Konya". If everyone has been making fun of us for a few days, it's the Metropolitan's fault!
They said SEKARAY first. They made the same number before the last election. They had been seated for five years, they were sitting, just when the "egg came to the door", that is, when the election came and fell, they had invented "SEKARAY". In Sekapark, they exhibited the model of SEKARAY, just like they did today in Anıtpark, they said, "We will realize SEKARAY if you vote for us." Did they do it? Millet thought, "These are the pilgrim teacher team, he keeps his word." Then? After that, SEKARAY is life for you. They deceived the nation and won the election, they did not take the name SEKARAY again. Become a cable car? Date, May 9, 2011… This date is also a black spot for Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The tender for İzmit Serdar Mahallesi-Bağçeşme cable car line was held. There would be 10 8-person booths.



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