Bribe not debt benefit

Bribes, but not in debt: Izmir 'İmbat operation bribes and bribes in the tender, arrested the suspects arrested for the money traffic between each other as bribery, not debt money, they argued.
Some of the 14 detainees arrested in the corruption operation against the TCDD Port Authority in Izmir called ad Imbat Wave g emerged in court. The businessman MCB said that the operation was political, and stated in his statement that a measure had been imposed on his factory due to the allegations.
CD I received an 4 tender on different dates from TCDD. I suffered damage and punishment cuts every time. Former Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, my marriage is a witness. Because of his application to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, I think that 17 was stuck because of the events after December.
I know Ş.Ç. Through our tender group manager GA and MTU, S.Ç. was asked to borrow money to buy a new house. I refused every time. Then Ş.Ç. came to discuss a technical issue where I worked. He reiterated his request for debt. I agreed. After he left, I sent the money by bank transfer. Then the reimbursement was made to our accounting one year later. Daha
Emi The MCB brought a laser pen and a radar device when it came from abroad. He delivered the electronic laser pen to me in the garden of the shopping center in Ankara. He also handed over the other radar device to MY. I didn't bribe you. I did not intervene, Ara he said. Ş.Ç., said: devlet I have been working as a civil servant since 27 years. I know the legislation. I do not accept the accusation on me, Üzer he said.
'I paid for lunch'
Alsancak Port Directorate of 2010 has been assigned to T, Y. . I do not accept the accusation that I have committed bribery and bribery in the tender. When I eat dinner with the people I know, sometimes the food is paid by me or by the other party. This is not true of bribery, Bun he said.
NA said that he worked as a chef at the Port Operations Directorate in Alsancak and said: “I was tried with the allegation of having checked the check and was charged with a penalty against me. In order to pay the check, I borrowed money from the companies that I did business at that time. Then I would pay the debts. These are the money sent to my brother's account. As a member of the commission, there were four other officials in the proceedings. For this reason, the tender can not be involved in mischief. Neden
'I borrowed money for the house'
The defendant FY said, in I am the only employee of the company. NA requested debt money due to the unrequited checks. I passed it on to the owners. The money traffic was made from my bank account. Then this money was returned to the company, Daha he said.
He worked as a service chief at Alsancak Harbor. de noted in his statement: um I decided to buy my house at 2011. I took a loan from the bank. I've known for a long time İ.Ç., İ.K. and borrowed money from the UK to buy a house. I didn't take any bribes from anyone.



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