We Are London With Raysiz Tram

We Become London With The Railless Tram: I remember a while ago, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said, “We will make İzmit like London. "We will be like London, we will bring the public transport system to the same level." Now, when I saw the toy tram with no track, no track, and an unknown name, that they put in the middle of the street, this statement of him came back to my mind. I think this was the first step taken… But unfortunately, this move was enough to make me laugh like many of you. The subway system, which he said “We will build a subway system like the London tube”, is 152 years old; Do you know that the London Underground is the oldest underground transport system in world history, it was the first place where the electric train was used, and it has a total length of over 270 kilometers with more than 400 stations?
You know, but I don't think anyone knows. The exemplary methods of this system, which carries more than 1 billion passengers a year, make me laugh not with my mouth but with other places. Put the toy train in the middle of the street saying 'We will bring a tram' and show it. Take a hand… We are becoming London! working yeast is separate; It is really different to compete with a city like London. I am laughing now, but my biggest fear is that they may open a giant hole in the center of the city by saying 'we will bring the subway' in the next elections. ? ?? I frequently use public transportation when I travel abroad. Metro, train, tram, taxi all give me great pleasure.
Wandering in a subway station among the smells of coffee and looking at the newspapers of countries whose language I do not understand in the buffet aisles To examine the human profile of that city, to make a lovely journey through the pages of the book or newspaper of the person next to me; Keeping up with the pace of the city and mingling with the crowd smiling at people I don't know… All this is a much more enjoyable method of travel for me than being left at the door of my destination in a private chauffeured vehicle. This pleasure is the reason for me to go to London. But I guess for now, I have to stroll around Cumhuriyet Park with my coffee in a cardboard cup and be content with sending good morning smiles to people I don't know. What are you going to do, it is the duty of the whole society to make a city London. Come on, take a hand, we're all going to London.




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