Radical solutions were discussed at the Transportation Systems Conference

Radical solution proposals were discussed at the Transportation Systems Conference: The subject of transportation was discussed in the meeting titled 'Transportation Systems and Logistics Village Project of Bursa' organized by Bursa Technical University (BTU), Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Architect Engineers Group.
In the sessions held within the scope of the program, 'Regional Transportation Transportation Projects', 'Various Transportation Applications with Examples from Different Countries' and 'Urban Transportation Scale Transportation Examples' were discussed. Vice Rector of BTU Assoc. Dr. Speaking at the first session under the presidency of Ali Rıza Yıldız, Maltepe University, Department of International Trade and Logistics Management. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, 'Bursa Logistics Village Project told.
The second speech of the session was TCDD1. Cüneyt Kaya was appointed as the Director of Railway Production Group. Kaya gave information about 'Bursa High Speed ​​Railway Project' in his presentation. Making the last speech of the session, Public Private Sector Cooperation Highway Regional Manager Kenan Keskin explained the details of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Project.
Bursa Technical University Department of Civil Engineering Instructor Assist. Assoc. Beyhan Bayhan moderated by 2 on 'Various Transportation Applications with Examples in Different Countries'. President of the National Transport Institute of Egypt Ministry of Transport. Dr. Dr. Khaled Abbas, urban transportation problems, strategies, policies and measures about the measures passed. Abbas gave examples from Istanbul and Europe. The use of trucks and similar vehicles in countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands was banned and the public encouraged the use of common cars. Dr. Abbas said, aya In Europe, halk Use Parking and Buses diye, some campaigns are organized and people are referred to public transportation. But those countries have already prepared its infrastructure. Right place, right time, right price and the right markets with Turkey I think would also get rid of this complex traffic problems. "He said.
Bahçeşehir University Transportation Application Research Center President and Consultant of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı gave examples of good practices in urban transportation in the world. He pointed out that there is a traffic problem all over the world. Dr. Ilıcalı, bunu There is a traffic and transportation problem in most parts of the world, but what is important is to make it livable and bearable. Urban transport systems play one of the biggest roles in the economic development of the city, development and change of activity texture. The main purpose of transportation systems is the system management in which human mobility is optimal in unit time. Ulaştırma
At the last session of the conference, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altın announced the Bursa Transportation Master Plan. Altın stated that they gave priority to transportation in the 2030 Bursa Vision project and said, ulaş Transportation is always our top priority. Çalışma The rise of urban quality, the quality of work and living areas, human and load mobility, ensuring the creation of a healthy environment, nature and nature protection, infrastructure improvement and development is set out. It He said. At the end of the session, the Rector of BTU Dr. Ali Sürmen presented a plaque of appreciation to the speakers.

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