Artificial snow machines made their faces laugh

Artificial snow machines made Palandoken's face laugh: ERZURUM Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Fikret Öztürk said that Palandöken, who has an important place in winter tourism, laughs with artificial snow.

The Siberian cold continues in Erzurum, where snow has not fallen for nearly a month due to drought. Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Fikret Öztürk noted that the hotels in Palandöken were full even though it did not snow, and that the tracks were built with artificial snow. Fikret Öztürk, who pointed out that the ski season continues with artificial snow on the tracks in Palandöken and Konaklı, said that there are no problems on the tracks. Drawing attention to the fact that artificial mixing can be done easily because the air temperature is below zero, Fikret Öztürk said:

“We have been worrying 'What if it doesn't snow' for years. This concern has ended with artificial snow machines. For weeks Palandöken despite snow, artificial snow theme was the most active ski resort in Turkey. We will not have any problems during the ski season. In terms of both mechanical facilities, tracks and snow quality, Palandöken offers its visitors perfect skiing pleasure. We are waiting for the 3rd tourist group from Poland. Erzurum and Palandöken will be the final destination for people who start skiing. Having gained an international reputation and increasing its current position in the list of the most important ski resorts in the world, Palandöken is having a very nice winter season.