Within the scope of the Mersin Light Rail System project, minibuses lie in the claim

Mersin Light Rail System project within the scope of the allegations to remove the dolmuşler lie: AK Party Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Mustafa Sever, Light Rail System project within the scope of the dolmuşlar remove allegations. Sever, stating that the land propaganda was done on this issue, blamed opposition parties.
Sever, with citizens in Çavuşlu and Çukurova Neighborhoods sohbet and visited tradesmen. Sever was accompanied by AK Party Mersin Provincial Chairman Mekin Merter Salt and candidates for district mayor candidates. Sever, who listened to the problems and troubles of the residents and took their demands, came together with the minibus drivers who travel on the route of Çavuşlu Mahallesi under the building of the Osmaniye Cooperative. It is said here that the drivers are saying, "With your Light Rail System project, you will end the jobs of the minibus drivers. Is this true?" Sever, who faced the question, said that this claim was unfounded, claiming that the opposition parties were voiced by the metropolitan mayor candidates.
'There will be a situation that will not be canceled' will be canceled, 'said Sever, ve Someone is trying to make politics through you with the Light Rail System project. 'Mustafa Sever will do the metro, the minibuses will close' those who lie. The rail system that we will build is between the Free Zone and Davultepe, where traffic is the busiest. On your current route, you will continue to travel again, also the connections are full again, buses will do. How do we make the subway up to Çavuşlu? Is that a lie? We will do the rail system to the tight areas that traffic cannot handle. Dolmuşçular will never be a victim. If the dolmuşcu friends who have the line on the mentioned routes can be partner or they can get the compensation in return for the stop of the line. Çavuşlu'ya rail system is not done, does not remove the passenger capacity, at least 100 passenger capacity should be more than a thousand so you can save costs.
Expressed the traffic jam on the Çavuşlu route and the traffic jams and traffic lights from the trouble of the burned-out will be done voicing Sever, the minibus will be made to passenger loading overlay stops in the dolmuş.


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