An avalanche falls on the work machine that leads to the Mergabutan Ski Center

Avalanche on the work machine that opened the Mergabütan Ski Center road: The village roads, which are closed due to the snow falling in the city, are opened one by one with the dedication of the Special Provincial Administration of Snow-Fighting Teams in the regions where the rain falls.

An avalanche fell on the work machine used by Abdurrahman Çiftçi, one of the snow fighters, who was working on the road of Mergabütan Ski Center, where the snow thickness reached 2 meters in places.

The farmer, who had been trapped for a while in the construction machine, which was under the snow mass, managed to get out of the vehicle at his own expense.

In a statement he made to the journalists, Çiftçi stated that during the road opening works, an avalanche suddenly fell on the surrounding mountain and said, “I hardly got rid of the construction machine, some of which were under avalanche. I was in great danger. The area where the avalanche falls is 4 to 5 meters and there is 2 meters of snow at other points. There are always avalanche spots here. "I continue my work on the roads that are closed after the avalanche."

On the other hand, a group of athletes who were stranded in the region because of the fog that tried to go to the ski center and were also rescued by the Provincial Special Administration teams in the region.