Megakent Istanbul rails with mega projects

Megakent Istanbul is on the run with mega projects: Istanbul, at the crossroads of two continents, witnessed a giant project and opening move at 2013. Marmaray, which commenced operations, laid the foundation of the 3 Bosphorus Bridge and was awarded 3. In addition to international projects such as the airport, giant investments that facilitated the life of Istanbul were put into service or their foundations were laid.
The world's center of attraction in Istanbul 2013 hosted major investments and projects. Especially megakentin, where transportation investments were prominent, turned to underground and aboveground construction sites.
The project of Marmaray 29 3 is the foundation of the foundation of May. The feet of the Bosphorus Bridge in Poyrazköy and Garipçe rose rapidly. Tender 3. The airport was also started.
Other than these mega projects in international scale, megekent has had a productive year in terms of other projects that will facilitate the life of Istanbul. Especially the Y Everywhere Metro, Everywhere, Metro Metro slogan was focused on the rail system. In other words, Istanbul has started to meet with mega projects every day. Here are some of the first investments and projects that come to mind at 2013 in Megakent:
The tube passage tunnel, also known as the Istanbul Strait Road Crossing Project, will unite the Asian and European continents from the bottom of the Bosphorus. 26 2011 February 2013'da construction of the tunnel was accelerated at the 2015. The construction of the tunnel built between Cankurtaran and Haydarpaşa will go down to 100 minutes with the 15 minutes between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe. The Eurasia Tunnel, built at 1.8 kilometers south of Marmaray, has a total of 5.4 km along the 14.6 km-long two-storey tunnel.
RAIL TRANSPORTATION INVESTMENTS: Rail transportation is the beginning of the city investments. In this context, Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy 7 July 15 was put into service in June. Bağcılar Metro, which cost 2 billion 865 million TL, has 21.7 mile length. 20 The construction of the metro line between Levent-Rumelihisarüstü, which will be in 17.5 km long, will also ease the traffic load of Etiler and Levent.
CHALLENGE CENTER: 'Turkey's most expensive land, "what' Turkey's first 5 Function (residential, shopping mall, hotel, performing arts center, and office) Mixed-Use Project 'was now Zorlu Center activities. 2.5 10 opened in October at Zorlu Center.
The idea project of Çamlıca Mosque, which belongs to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, was laid at 6 August 2013. The mosque on Camlica Hill, which features a cruise terrace in Istanbul, will be able to pray at the same time as the 37 bin 500. The mosque, which will cost 131 million TL, is aimed to be opened to worship at 2015. The physical construction of the construction of the mosque, which is under construction, exceeds 20. After the Blue Mosque and Adana Sabanci in Turkey will be the third mosque minarets 6 Çamlica 3 400 thousand-space car park.
Eyüp completed construction of Turkey's first Disneyland Theme Park and Entertainment Center Vialand 26 May xnumx't was opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. With Vialand, which is costing 2013 billion liras, Istanbul is hosting an entertainment center at international level. Vialand was built on a land of 1.15 bin m600 within the boundaries of Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality. The 2 concert space accommodates up to a thousand people, a large green area and many other activities that will appeal to large-scale audiences.
The traffic in Taksim Square was taken under ground and the square was opened to the pedestrians. Tarlabaşı Bulvarı, Cumhuriyet Street car traffic was taken under the ground, monument area, subway entrance and exit and Gezi Park were combined under the project and in total 98.000 m2 pedestrianized area 13 was opened on September 2013.
Hacıosman-Taksim Metro connection to Yenikapı to reach the end of the project that will breathe a significant amount of traffic to Istanbul. Halic Metro Passage Bridge, which is still undergoing test drives, is expected to be put into service in February. Turkey's first metro bridge carries the distinction of being the Golden Horn Metro Bridge cost 180 million. The bridge is expected to use 1 million people per day.
IETT took the new bus 1705 over the last two years, while being mobilized for technology and comfortable journey. Gas-powered environmental buses also have the characteristics of disabled, elderly and children. Some of the security camera buses include the use of internet and bicycle apparatuses.

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