Marmaray Stops Blows Land and Housing Prices

Marmaray Stops Map
Marmaray Stops Map

Marmaray stops have flown land and housing prices: Real estate prices have increased in regions above the 40 stops where the Marmaray Project passed. According to real estate experts, the price increase of land and housing prices will continue.
Marmaray Project, Istanbul Halkalı and Gebze. The 40 will consist of a stop. The last stop will be the neighborhood of Peace in Gebze.

Real estate prices in all the stops that Marmaray's name will be heard have almost tripled in two.
Although the expectation of Marmaray seems to have been bought in Gebze, prices regain momentum when the project is over and transportation accelerates. kazanwill ache.

Real estate experts in the region say that there are still great opportunities in real estate prices and they have a premium potential from 30 to 100.

Land prices in flight

Housing prices in regions close to Marmaray are at the level of 60-70 percent. kazanwhile remote regions made a 40 percent premium. Land prices, on the other hand, rose twice as fast, almost exactly one-on-one. kazannagged.

İşkar Real Estate Sales Consultant Seçkin Kaya, who stated that the unit prices of housing units in Tatlıkuyu is increased from 800 TL to 1.000 with 1.300 TL. Kaya continued:

B Increases in the district of Beylikbağ, a district far further away from Marmaray, were more limited. The prices of the square meter range from 200 to 250 TL rose to around 300-350 TL. In residential units, unit prices went from 800 to 1000 TL. Konut

Invest in the land

Seçkin Kaya, Sales Consultant, recommends to buy land for those who will be investing in Gebze: “I would recommend to invest in areas close to the neighborhood of Barış, Station, Eski Hisar and Marmaray. Satış

Tatlı Kuyu and Barış Neighborhood fast value kazanmoment regions

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is doing the Tatlıkuyu Valley Project in a region between Tatlıkuyu district and Barış Mahallesi. This project also includes the ropeway system. The impact of the project extends from Eski Hisar to Gebze (it is desired to build a similar Seka Park in Gebze). Construction progresses very fast in these regions.

The neighborhood of Barış, where the last stop of Marmaray, and the nearby Istasyon and Tatlıkuyu neighborhoods are expensive neighborhoods. Workers are no longer able to afford these areas. More senior managers and people from Istanbul.

The Tatlikuyu region was a rising region before Marmaray. Gebze is moving towards this region.
Demand for TOKI housing is rising

TOKİ is making giant projects from Gebze to Dilovası. The old quarries in this area are converted into living quarters. This housing 2. The stage sales are over and the 5 stage will be held further. 2 months ago 20 thousand TL transferred to apartments, 100 35 up to TL thousand thousand TL has increased. Real estate agents in the region with 40 5 said that this region will come to Ataşehir year. Recommended for investment purposes.

Industry will be moved to the living space instead

There are rumors that the industry between Gebze and Çayırova will be removed and transformed into a living space. With this information, actors who are starting to build sites in the region are multiplying. If this rumor becomes a reality, the giant construction companies of Istanbul can flock to this region.

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