Land expropriated for Konya Yht Railway Station

The Land Expropriated for Konya Yht Station was the Council of State: Konya Metropolitan Municipality made an expropriation work in the area known as the 'Old Wheat Market' for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station, which is planned to be constructed together with the General Directorate of TCDD.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality made expropriation work for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station, which is planned to be carried out together with the General Directorate of TCDD, in the area known as the 'Old Wheat Market'. Owners reacted to the determination of 222 TL per square meter as the land price for 400 workplaces to be demolished. Stating that the area should be at least 1000 or 2 thousand TL per square meter since the region is in the central location, the beneficiaries applied to the State Council to 'stop the execution' with a request to stop the project approved by the council of ministers.
TCDD and Konya Metropolitan Municipality decided to build a High Speed ​​Train Station on an area of ​​222 thousand square meters with 112 workplaces selling mostly grain and pulses known as the Old Wheat Market. After the expropriation work started in 2011, 8 months ago, the owners were notified in the region. In the notification, owners who found low price determination as 400 lira per square meter of their land, objected to TCDD and Metropolitan Municipality. He allegedly started a legal struggle when he could not find an answer to his objections. In individual applications, the 5th Civil Court of First Instance approved the same price as a result of the expert examination.
Speaking on behalf of the property owners in the region, Menderes Ünal stated that the price stipulated in the expropriation of this region in the city center is unfair. Stating that they objected to the necessary places but could not get any results, Ünal said, “They directed us to the court. The expert delegation sent by the court also adds a figure to the square meter account, such as 400 lira.
“Hurry Expropriation”
Menderes Ünal pointed out that the expropriation work was carried out in accordance with the 2th article of “Expropriation Expropriation” of the Region's Expropriation Law No. 942 thousand 27:
“This article is called 'the need or haste of the defense of the country in the implementation of the Law on National Defense Obligation or in extraordinary situations envisaged by special laws'. They are doing their best to make us victimized. I leave this matter to the lawyers. I think that the Metropolitan Mayor is also not in good faith. Because, after he has expropriated the state to himself, he will achieve high rent by showing the precedent, by doing the necessary things to the industry and vegetables. They don't listen to the public either. ”
Stating that they applied to the Council of State as the owners of 4 properties for 'Stopping Execution' last October in order to stop the expropriation efforts, Ünal said:
“The area of ​​the region, which is approximately 2 meters from 800 different shopping centers and 500 meters from the main main streets of the city, must be at least a thousand or 2 thousand liras. The prices of the residences right next to the shopping center on the opposite street are at least 500 thousand liras.


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