Konya will be Connected to the Sea by Rail

konya logistics center
konya logistics center

Konya Logistics Center will be connected to the sea through Konya rails: AK Party Konya Provincial Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, 'Ring Road Project and Logistics Center Project with our industrialists will win, farmers will win, our producer will win. In short, Konya and our country will win 'he said.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan attended the 'Candidate Presentation Meeting held on Sunday by the AK Party Konya Provincial Directorate and the' Transport Coordination Meeting at the Konya Governorship where the city's transportation investment projects were discussed. Chairman Ahmek Sorgun evaluated the developments in a written statement.

AK Party Konya Provincial Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, in his written explanation of Minister Davutoglu and Lütfi Elvan New Freeway and Logistics Center to evaluate the developments in the subject.


Expressing that they are very happy with the good news of Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, Mayor Ahmet Sorgun said, 'Transportation and logistics issues of our city were discussed at the meeting. Important progress has also been made in these matters. After the meeting, as our Minister of Transport, Mr. Lütfi Elvan gave the good news, the project of the 18-kilometer part of our ring road is ready and will be tendered. This is an important development and we find it important in terms of the future vision of Konya's transportation investments, which has shown great improvement and development in the last eleven years. Because Konya is a city that grows day by day with its population, economy and industrial production. The most important issue that will support our developments in the field of economy is transportation. Therefore, we know that the Logistics Center Project, which will connect Konya to the sea by rails with the new Ring Road Project, will increase the success in the field of economy and industry. In this sense, we would like to thank our Prime Minister, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, our former Minister of Transport, Mr. Binali Yıldırım and our new Minister Lütfi Elvan, all of our MPs and the managers of all relevant public institutions. I am ”used expressions.

Sorgun stated that Konya, which acts as an important junction point in the middle of Anatolia, will be connected to the sea by rails thanks to the Logistics Center, and that the Logistics Center to be built in Kayacık Site will reinforce its economic and social meaning as the center city in the heart of Anatolia.


Thanks to the Logistic Center to be built next to the organized industrial zones, President Sorgun reminded that everything produced by the Konyalı industrialist will reach the port through the center in question. Ifade As the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated, the expropriation works related to the Logistics Center to be built in Konya are about to be completed. Within a few months the construction of the center will begin. When this project is completed and Konya is connected to both Karaman and Mersin and to Adana by rail, Konya will become an important center of industry and agricultural production and our industrialist will be one step ahead of its competitors. With this project such as the Ring Road Project, our industrialists will win, our farmers will win and our producer will win. In short, Konya and our country will win. Kıs

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