Konak Tramway Project is introduced to the people of Izmir

Konak Tramway Project is introduced to the citizens of İzmir: Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that they act with a sharing management approach, not with the ones I did.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality introduces the projects of tramway to the residents of Izmir. One of the three tram lines to be implemented as complementary to the Metro system, the 13 kilometer Konak Tramway Project was first described to residents and tradesmen residing on the Konak-Alsancak route.

Culture Park Ismet Inonu Culture Center Konak Mayor Dr. Hakan Tartan and Provincial Tourism Director Abdülaziz Ediz'in also attended the information meeting with the participation of the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, as they prepare each project, taking into account the principle of participation in tram projects reminded. Starting from the Transportation Master Plan tram project the scientists, professional chambers and by studying with issues related to the Mayor Kocaoglu said that they bring to today, Turkey's most developed city of Izmir 'not with oldu I did, said sharing that they acted with a management approach. Underlining that Turkey's rail transportation in the system too late Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu "Once used trams and trolleybuses, the application has been removed for failing to keep pace with the renewal and age. The most expensive method, which is the most expensive method by transferring the rail system in the urban transportation, has been dominated by public transport. But now we are working hard to increase the share of the rail system in public transportation by using our resources in the most efficient way. Ama
26 has a tender in February
F.Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar, Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Mavişehir and Şirinyer-DEÜ. Noting that they are working on three tram projects between Tınaztepe Campus, Kocaoğlu stated that their aim is to reduce the air pollution and traffic congestion in the city as well as to provide economic, fast, safe and integrated transportation to the citizens. Mansion and Karşıyaka Mayor Kocaoğlu said that under the normal conditions, we will complete the project in 26 year and put trams into service in 2,5. It is not possible to give up the public transportation with rubber wheels completely, but the more we get rid of the load here, the more efficient we carry the people of İzmir on the mentioned routes. The trams, which we plan to replace the bus on the routes it passes, will also be integrated with ferries, metro and buses with the transfer system of the 2017 per minute. ”
Project for mulberry trees changed
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Technical Consultant Ulş.İnş.Yük.Müh.Cemal Yıldız gave information to the participants about the project and summarized the process reached from the planning stage to the present. Yildiz, hizmet Konak Tramway, F.Altay Square - Konak-Halkapınar between approximately 13 kilometers long line, 19 stall and 21 vehicle will serve. F.Altay-Konak-Halkapınar tram, which we plan to operate in peak hours, 3 minutes in peak hours and 4-5 minutes in other hours, will complete this journey in a total of 31 minutes. Pik Yildiz summarized the details of the line as follows:
Ğu Fahrettin Altay Square, which will start from the side of the market tram line, the tax office, where the Şehit Major Ali Official Tufan Street after the beach will go. The line that will go on the side of the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard without any intervention from the side of the dwellings, will continue next to the 3 departures and 3 arriving road traffic. The line under the Göztepe pedestrian overpass will continue along the coast and pass under the pedestrian bridge in front of Konak Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Pier in Konak. From the side of the road until the Gazi Boulevard, the tram line will enter the Şehit Fethi Bey Street, from which it will use the route jointly with the highway traffic. Following the Republic Square, the line will go to Şehit Nevres Boulevard and from there to Şair Eşref Boulevard. The project was changed in order to protect the mulberry trees in the middle center. The tram line is going to be divided into two. The line which will continue in this way until Vahap Özaltay Square will be reunited near Alsancak Station. Following the Gar, the tram line that goes to Şehitler Street will end at the Halkapınar Warehouse Area of ​​İzmir Metro.

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