Railway network in Karaman Organized Industrial Zone

Railway network to Karaman Organized Industrial Zone: Railway network to OSB1, railway network to Karaman Organized Industrial Zone. In the statement made by the OIZ Directorate, “Exports from the Karaman Organized Industrial Zone are increasing exponentially every year. Considering the problems in transportation to foreign markets and ports, one of the important problems in our exports is seen as logistics. Approximately 25.000 vehicles for transportation purpose enter and exit the Organized Industrial Zone annually. In order for our export products to be transported faster, cheaper and safer to ports and markets with the railway network, Karaman Organized Zone and State Railways are working together to create a logistics field within the region.
Within the framework of these studies, the TCDD delegation, who came to make examinations, was given a birifing by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Organized Industrial Zone, Süreyya Peker and the personnel of the OIZ Directorate, and the area considered as a logistics area was examined. In the Incoming Delegation; Deputy Head of TCDD General Directorate, Department of Survey Project and Investment, Burak Ağlaç, Department Manager Cafer Demir from the Department of Survey Project and Investment, Burhanettin Sarı from the Cargo Department, Engineer Erdal Savaş from the Cargo Department, Chief Engineer H from the Road Department .Kutlay Gündoğdu, Technician Zafer Acar from the Survey, Project and Investment Department, Osman Yıldırım, Deputy Cargo Manager and Selahattin Kırgil, Real Estate Construction Deputy Manager, were found.

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