Recover Patients Without Snow

📩 24/11/2018 13:06

Snow Winter is Recovering Patients: Ministry of Health Erzurum 112 Command Control Center teams save snow before winter.

In Erzurum, in the villages whose roads are closed due to heavy snowfall in winter, snow is on the road to rescue the patients with snowtrack and tracked ambulances. Saying that health teams strive to save patients under all conditions, Erzurum Health Provincial Director Serhat Vançelik said, “It is very difficult to be healthy in regions where winter months are tough and not to provide health services. Our teams are working hard to save the sick. "Our 112 Emergency Command and Control Center is ready to intervene with all its equipment for any emergency during the winter months."

On the other hand, in Erzurum, one of the provinces with the most difficult winter months, every opportunity is provided to prevent human health from being endangered. The teams in Palandöken Mountain, which hosts thousands of ski lovers, are waiting for the continent ready for possible avalanche danger. It is up to 112 Command Center teams to intervene in emergency patients on the closed village roads.

When the uninterrupted snow in Erzurum was sufficient for skiing, those who wanted to ski started attacking Palandöken Ski Center. Palandöken Mountain, where ski lovers flock especially on weekends, hosts thousands of people. The avalanche, which is the fearful dream of skiers due to its density and mountain structure, is not clear where it will come out. For such situations, the Search and Rescue teams of the Provincial Emergency Disaster Directorate, waiting for the continent at the summit of Palandöken Mountain, immediately go to the scene and rescue the citizen who is under the avalanche in case of an avalanche danger.