Kaçkarlar is a favorite of tourists in winter

Kaçkars are the Favorite of Tourists in Winter: Ayder Plateau, which is one of the important tourism centers of the Eastern Black Sea region and hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is flooded with visitors when the snow thickness reaches 50 centimeters. Located in the district of Çamlıhemşin and one of the prominent centers of the region in tourism, Ayder Plateau at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy the snow in winter.

On the plateau, where the snow thickness reaches approximately 50 centimeters, pine trees and hills covered with snow offer visitors a distinct beauty. Wooden hotels and old highland houses on the plateau create a magnificent view by integrating with the snow-covered forests. The occupancy rate in hotels has approached 100 percent with the schools entering the half-year holiday. - "Heliski" excitement will begin on February 15, heli-skiing helix quinine simultaneous interpretation 3937 meters in height, which has become central in Turkey in the mountains, helical this year will begin in February, due to be passed by reference to the relevant ministries.

Heliski activities, which have been continuing in the region since 2005, will be carried out by an applicant Turkish aviation company between February 15 and March 15. Skiers of the kind of sport that record by jumping out the summit by helicopter to the mountain and the helix made in limited regions of the world, only with simultaneous interpretation in Turkey Mountains overnights Artvin'in with Highland and İkizdere Valley is done in the national park area in Yusufeli. The Kaçkars are effective in the choice of athletes in this region due to its proximity to Europe and the quality of snow.

Requesting made cable car Plateau Aydin Environment and Tourism Association Chairman Ömer Altun, AA correspondent, overnights with rare beauty in nature building in Turkey Plateau said the winter is also in a position to serve. Stating that they want a cable car to be built in Ayder Plateau, Altun said, “Our citizens want to enjoy skiing in Ayder. For this, they ski with various equipment, but if the cable car is built, we make the visitors leave more satisfied. We will raise the bar of Ayder, ”he said. Stating that Heliski activities brought significant dynamism to Ayder, Altun said, “Ayder Plateau started to become an attraction center in the winter season. Heliski sports are of great importance in terms of promotion abroad. In recent years, the activities that have been slowed down also affect the promotion. "Ayder will be the indispensable center of winter tourism with the regular activities of the heliski and the completion of the cable car."