İzmit-Haliç Seaplane Expeditions Started

Izmit-Haliç Sea Plane Expeditions Started: The seaplane flights between IZMIT and Istanbul have begun this morning. 22 passenger 08.30 passenger 11 passenger terminal at 18 from Sekapark coast, reached the Golden Horn.
This is even the five-day voyage with a sea plane and the price of the journey starts from the 97 liras. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu came to Sekapark because of the initiation of the first passenger transportation by seaplane.
“I am concerned about whether these flights will continue or not. Let me tell him from the beginning. If it is economical and if passengers are found here constantly, it will be a gain for Kocaeli. You pass to Istanbul from here in 15-20 minutes. It is a huge advantage and the private company does this. We don't do it, we just give our scaffold. Therefore, we get a small rent. When you get on the 20-person plane, you will be in Istanbul in 20 minutes.
This is a very awesome thing. I believe it will be very beneficial for Kocaeli. Every step taken, benefiting from these possibilities in transportation, fast and safe transportation provides important advantages to cities. But of course, I believe that if this company has a little patience here, a little bit of patience and it will keep this constant and settle in order, I believe that will keep it. "
İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, on the question of why this is not done despite the fact that sea transportation between Izmit and Istanbul is constantly on the agenda, said, “We have sea vehicles, we have sea buses, we have ships. But not many passengers go to Istanbul from here. It goes slow in the sea. The plane is going fast. Nowadays, businessmen want to go safely to where they want to go, until they reach their students. It travels at a speed of 50-60 kilometers, depending on its location. If it goes by road, it goes at a speed of 160 kilometers. The vehicle he travels by road lands him closer to his destination. Land vehicles are generally preferred all over the world for sailing parallel to the sea, ”he said.
Karaosmanoğlu also said that the Ministry of Transport will decide when the suburban and other train services between Izmit and Istanbul, which have been suspended since January 2011 due to the works of the High Speed ​​Train line, will start again. “Railway transportation is very important. My guess is that commuter voyages start like March. Test drives of high speed train services have also begun. There are places missing, they complete them. Suburban lines have also been made very high quality, ”he said.
Chairman of the Board of Seabird Aviation Kursat Arusan said in a statement, said that the happiness of starting the passenger transportation between Izmit-Halic said the following:
"We are very happy. We brought a new aviation model to the country. Kocaeli has been supporting naval aviation for a long time. Our dear president also built the most beautiful station here. He had already gone abroad and studied. It became a good terminal at the world standard. I hope that if the people of Kocaeli want to use this alternative service, it has been a good example with the cooperation of the private sector and the state. "
Kürşat Arusan, on a question, said “We believe we will reach a sufficient passenger potential. We have never failed until today at the points we flew. I hope this time, if the people of Kocaeli protect us, we want to increase our flights, ”he said. Arusan said that the prices of the Izmit-Golden Horn journey were set at 97-117-157 liras, and for now, flights are planned as 5 days a week, twice a day in the morning and evening. “With the demand and the support of our people, we used to make 6 trips a day in Bursa, just like the Bursa example. I hope we will achieve a similar success in Kocaeli, ”he said.

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