Attention: There is Fire in İZBAN This Friday

the izbe
the izbe

Attention people of İzmir There is fire in İZBAN this Friday: Two stations where İZBAN will conduct fire drills will be closed for use this Friday. It was announced that Hilal Transfer and Alsancak stations will be closed between 10.10-11.30 on Friday.

İZBAN has completed the preparations for the fire drill to be held this Friday. In the written statement made by İZBAN, it was reminded that the Hilal Transfer Station and Alsancak Station will be closed between 10.10-11.30 when the exercise will be held. The statement included the following views.

A comprehensive fire drill will be held at 17: 10 on 30 January at İZBAN's Crescent Transfer Station. Therefore the day of the exercise;

1) İZBAN Hilal Transfer Station and İZBAN Alsancak Stations will be closed between the hours of 10:10 - 11:30.

2) Transfer from İZBAN to İzmir Metro, İzmir Metro to İZBAN will be made only from Halkapınar Station between these time zones.

3) Transportation between Halkapınar-Alsancak and Alsancak-Halkapınar will be provided by ring buses between these time zones. One of the most important steps in the security of passengers, this application is intended to watch on the spot for private members of the press created special viewing areas.


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