Izmir Tram Project divides the city into two

Izmir Tramway project divides the city into two: Journalists of the ruling party candidate "Tram city will be divided into two" and "Narlıdere and Buca metro lines do not have a project," he made an assessment on the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, said the following; Orum I don't want to get into polemics with any mayor candidates. We had two projects. Narlıdere had a project, was given. Halkapınar had a project, which was abandoned. We did it in the form of two tunnels. He was also awarded, but they will now add the subway to the high-speed train, ie do it with that high-speed train. We have no objection to the Board. As long as we can easily do our metro flights, let us carry our passengers. We talked with all the citizens of Izmir about the tram.
We do not believe the tram will divide the city. When the project is over, competitions, marching bands, artifacts without ladders will contact the sea when bridges are built. And this transport process will not divide the city, accelerate the transition to the rail system, and also will not pollute the city's air, reduce dependence on foreign sources, and use electricity instead of fossil fuels. All these advantages for the city, the city is very important for us if we sort. Also the traffic will relax. We decided on this project together with our citizens from Izmir, we went to the tender. 26 has a tender in February. I hope we don't have a problem and we start. 3 year. At the beginning of 2017 we start to travel by tram. Our tram line will run from Üçkuyular to Halkapınar and from Alaybey to Mavişehir-Izban Station Tram
3 - 4 to do the tram project takes years?
Tınaztepe tram line projects that they have drawn and they go out to the bidder Kocaoğlu, "We will do the Ministry of Transport," we stopped. We requested the unused suburban suburban lines from the State Railways. We would make a tram and connect it with Tınaztepe. Because they didn't give us, we changed the route and went on the project. Then they said 'Let's do it here'. No matter who does it to the city. We said, "God bless, do it." Then we have removed it because the itinerary is not clear. We are not authorized to do any projects along the 1800 meter line. Then we gave it. The construction of a tram project, the State Railways, the Ministry of Transport, the 3-4 year for DLH, we have no other choice than to respect him. But I don't want to get into polemics with any of our candidates. I'll tell you what I've done, let everyone tell you what they've done. Our citizens of Izmir should decide İzmir.




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