İZBAN-MAN is waiting for approval

Approval is expected for İZBAN-MAN: TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay said that they are attempting to extend the İZBAN line from İzmir to Manisa and they are waiting for the approval of the project in the Izmir Metropolitan Council.
TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay stated that they have made the necessary initiatives for the extension of İZBAN to Manisa, which is the metropolitan city, and that the approvals have been obtained, but the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality should also give this 'it'.
Provincial Coordination Board 2014 first meeting in Manisa was held under the chairmanship of Governor Abdurrahman Savaş, City General Assembly Hall. At the meeting, Governor Savaş gave information about his investments in 2013. TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay also explained the Manisa investments of his institution at the meeting. Koçbay, who gave the green light to the project “IZBAN reaches out to Manisa”, which is among the discourses of the candidates of the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, said that they are ready for this as an institution but they are waiting for approval from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Koçbay said, “İZBAN is a company that we established together with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to operate the Aliağa-Menderes Suburban Line. This company extends the lines both north and south. After Aliağa, this line extends to Menemen. The Manisa line is an ongoing project between TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. As an institution, we are ready to make the Manisa leg of the project. However, the project partner, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, must also approve it. Thus, the project is made between 3 institutions and the Manisa leg is completed. ”
Manur Governor Abdurrahman Savas said, “Studies are carried out on this subject. The projects are prepared until March. ”He explained his support.
The İZBAN project, which is calculated to carry hundreds of thousands of passengers a day between the two cities, created excitement. The eyes were turned into the attitude of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and IZBAN. It was stated that the details of the project will be announced in the coming days.
The project, which was on the agenda, was welcomed in Manisa, which will become a metropolitan city after the local elections. Cengiz Ergün, MHP Mayor of Manisa, said that the extension of the İZBAN project to Manisa would be in the interest of the city. Emphasizing that they are ready to make the necessary initiatives for Manisa to become a partner of İZBAN company established between TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Ergün said, “We will be behind this project until the end. We are ready to hold the necessary meetings with the necessary people. We realize all kinds of projects that the citizens want. We say yes to İZBAN in order to grow the city and open its horizons on this road that we set out with the slogan 'Manisa is changing' in the growing and developing Manisa. At least 300 thousand passengers from Manisa benefit from these trips, with the suburban line and additions to be connected to Manisa on Menemen. ”
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The 2nd Regional Director of Highways Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, who attended the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, said: “We proceeded 4070 meters in the right tunnel at the entrance of İzmir, and 694 meters in the left tunnel of the Sabuncubeli tunnel, which is 650 meters long. However, due to the landslide shortage in Manisa, we could not start the tunnel due to Manisa. The necessary earth fillings were made and we will start the entrance of the tunnel in the first week of February.

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