İZBAN There is no passenger, no bus

İZBAN have passenger bus no: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry with the İzmir Metropolitan operating in the Municipality of partnership Izmir Commuter System (İZBAN) In the 2013 the number of passengers compared to the previous year was reported to have increased by 20 percent. The number of passengers in İZBAN, which has been serving since 2010, continues to be discussed, although the number of passengers has increased at a certain rate every year.
Aliagal citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of Eshot, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun despite the applications to him that the two or three buses to provide Aliaga station races can not be provided in the number of passengers in İZBAN 20 increase was announced. arbiter units and authorities on the subject, made demands, applications and collected signatures do not utilize any way that continues to take every county except for the shuttle outside Aliaga ways of working.
3,5 citizens who use public transport in Aliaga for years, deprived of the feed line service, the expedition to provide additional expeditions to the districts and the districts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality who donated the work of the old municipal buses, such as Aziz Kocaoglu, metropolitan budget, Aliaga'ya requested to give this the service could not afford. Citizens and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, this situation is experienced while Aliağa Municipality bu It is not something in our authority. We requested. There are no buses in our municipality Bel.
That being the case for Aliağalı, according to a written statement from the izban, in the number of passengers carried last year 50 361 2013 thousand million, which was said to be over 60 million.
Aliağa- the izban operating between Menderes day it started business since 3,5 years the recorded statement 150 million passengers reached, "2010 In the 2 million 604 thousand, 2011 In the 35 million 515 thousand, 2012 In the 50 million 361 thousand passengers serving In the 12 month, İZBAN grew by more than 20 and exceeded 60 million. İZBAN trains, Izmir time when the people with whom he met in August 30 2010 thousand 279 257 from today, while finding time of the year 3,5 14 million total 432 850 thousand kilometers of mileage. "The statement said.
Torbalı-Bergama-Selcuk lines and the introduction of the new train set 40 from February 2014 in parallel with the number of passengers in the expression will rise above 200 million in the statement, the length of the 80 kilometer line of İZBAN, with the bagged portion of the 111 reach the kilometer was expressed. . The statement, Selçuk and the length of the line with the introduction of Pergamum line 185 kilometers to reach Aliaga Bus specifying whether the subject will not be given to protecting the uncertainty continues.

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