First public transport cable car in service

The first public transport cable car is in service in March: Ankara's Yenimahalle district will meet the first cable car for public transport in a new spring. The Metropolitan Municipality is rapidly continuing the first phase of the ropeway project that will connect Şentepe to Yenimahalle center.
Noting that the first stage of the cable car will be offered to the service of Şentepel residents before the local elections, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek said, “I hope we will open our cable car in March. Since the cabins will work continuously, we decided that our fellow townsmen would be free of charge so that they could go to the center comfortably. said.
In Başkent, which counts days for new subways, traffic is relieved with new roads that have been started to be built and put into service one after another, and while the new generation natural gas-powered buses are first in public transportation, a brand new project that will increase the comfort of urban transportation is moving faster. Turkey's public transport for the first aerial cable car District is rising in step with Yenimahalle Metro stop.
Yenimahalle ı Şentepe ropeway line is composed of 2 stage, the first stage of the 3 station before the election will be opened, the Mayor Melih Gökçek, the second stage of the single-station will be completed in the summer season, he said.
Mr. Gökçek stated that the first stage of the project took the lead on 10 units and gave the following information about the final status of the project:
“The rough construction of our stations is finished, painting, decoration, escalator assembly and roof will be done. Our pole mounts are positioned in a way that does not obstruct the traffic on the roadside. For this, a special pole was manufactured for the first time in the world. The highest mast in the first stage was installed at a height of 50 meters. Manufacturing of cabins and ropes has been completed. We can say that 3 percent of the first phase of the project with 85 stations is completed. After the station arrangements and the assembly of the ropes, the first stage of our ropeway will be commissioned before the elections. With the spring, Şentepel residents will have a new, fast, free and comfortable transportation opportunity. "
MAG President drawing attention to the domestic production of the cable car project that produced the poles in Polatli, the share of domestic construction cable car for the first time in Turkey stressed that the 50 percent removed.
Noting that the cabins are made of high security material, Mayor Gökçek said, “The cabins are equipped with camera systems and mini screens. In addition, the seat heating system, which is applied very little in the world, is also available in the cabins ”.
Mayor Gökçek said about the ropeway that will be used for the first time in urban transportation:
“The first station will be Yenimahalle metro station and transportation will be provided by air to Şentepe center. The cable car will be free of charge as the cabins will operate continuously. The ropeway system, where 4 cabins will move simultaneously along 106 stops, will carry 2 people in one direction per hour and will be 400 meters long. Each cabin will enter a station every 3 seconds. The journey time, which takes 257-15 minutes by bus or private vehicles, will be reduced to 25 minutes by cable car. With the addition of 30 minutes of subway time to this, the journey between Kızılay and Şentepe, which now takes 13.5 minutes, will be completed in approximately 11 minutes.
The chairman Gökçek said that the cable car was the most environmentally friendly and safest transportation and that it was an attractive transportation method. He also compared the cable car with the metro and bus. 75 more economical than the bus costs compared to the chairman noted that the Gokcek, expedition on the same conditions, the same conditions of the 175 bus traffic falls.
Mayor Gökçek emphasized that the construction of the subway is not possible due to the average slope of the existing line being 6 percent and increasing to 20 percent in places, and also drew attention to the fact that 267 meters of cable car line was laid for 3 meters of metro price. Mayor Gökçek said the following:
“In short, Yenimahalle-Şentepe is an ideal line for cable car construction. The cable car system, which will connect the Yenimahalle metro station and the Şentepe center, will enable those leaving the metro to reach Şentepe in a short time without waiting. The system, which will work in synchronization with the metro in Ankara, will help to relieve the traffic and will not put an additional load on the roads. It will be easily used by the disabled, the elderly, children and all segments of society.

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