Minister Fikri Hailed the people from the tram that did not go light

Minister Fikri Işık greeted the public from the tram that did not go: In Kocaeli, there are interesting developments when transportation problems are not solved. No more infrastructure, without the rails, the city's busiest square to bring the tram was the subject of ridicule.‘den According to the news of Ergün Demir; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which promised the people of Kocaeli with rambus, monorail, metrobus and cable car by writing in the election booklet before the 2009 local elections in Kocaeli, could not fulfill any of these words. With the CHP and MHP mayor candidates shortly before the local elections, the Metropolitan brought a tram to the city, which has no prejosi and has no rails, after the AKP's Metropolitan Municipality reminded the public about the promises.
The tram was presented to the public in İzmit Anıtpark Square. The name and color of the tram that will be presented to the people of İzmit for a month will be determined by the citizens. Izmit Train Station and the intercity bus terminal will operate between the bus line for the transportation master plan in the past weeks, but only in the tender. It was claimed that the project of the tram line, which will be a total length of 6.5, will be completed on the 180 calendar day. Even the 12 station will be found.

The construction of the tram, which has no infrastructure and no rails, was started to be exhibited at the most important square of Izmit and was the mockery of the citizens and social media. Citizens said, ız They mock our intelligence. It's like we've never seen trams, no more eggs, no fol. They froze the unborn child. They do things we don't have to get our votes. They couldn't keep their promises. Authorities 'Then we have promised we can not do, vallaha will do this time' they want to say, "he reacted.
The tram, which has no rails and is illuminated by an intermediate cable from an electric pole in the area, was introduced by Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, the previous day, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca and AKP Province President Mahmut Civelek. Going to the tram, who came to the press and the side of the side of the people gathered around the citizens waved. The Minister Fikri Isik and the delegation next to the tramway were both ridiculed by both citizens and social media.



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