History of Water Beams

Water Crashes Witnessing History: Water cells and tanks built to meet the steam needs of steam locomotives shed light on the history of railways for 138 years. 2 water lords still exist in Salihli district of Manisa.
Salihli Tourism Association (SATURDER) President Mustafa Ucar, AA correspondent, the French cendere and warehouses, State Railways shed light on the annual history of 138 said.
Salihli Turkey's End's main train station is reminiscent of the old station, the district in the year 1850 of the railway line is scheduled to begin by stating that British and serving since 1875, said:
“Water was needed because the locomotives used at that time worked with water and coal. For this reason, when planning the railway line, water curtains and tanks were built every 50 kilometers. There are two water cender in the district. Water screens and tanks are located on the eastern and western facades of the station. In order to fill the water tanks, the French laid a line from Bahçecik village of Salihli to the train station. The locomotives continued their way here after years of meeting their water needs.
- "They served 110 years, they are still standing"
State Railways of history in terms of water crane and warehouse Ucar noted that it has a very important position, he held various tour with locomotives in several cities in Europe, voiced may be applicable in Turkey of similar projects.
Ucar continued his words as follows:
"If Turkey also developed such projects already in place in a water crane and warehouses, waiting to be used. After this line was opened in 1875, it continued its function until 1985, that is, for 110 years until steam locomotives were deactivated. As diesel and electric trains come into play today, trains with locomotives are now used in nostalgic travels. Water clashes both testify to the town's 138-year history and have survived for many years and show a nostalgic image. ”
Emphasizing that Salihli Train Station has great features, Uçar said:
“The British makes the railway line, but the station station is used by the French. The wagons moving on the railway are also made by the Greeks and the French. The station building was restored in 1924. Because during the War of Independence, there were great conflicts in the station and its surroundings in Salihli. During these conflicts, the building was badly damaged. While the Greek soldiers were withdrawing, they set this building on fire.


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