Haydarpasa was a disco

Haydarpaşa became a disco: It was stated that the transformation of Haydarpaşa Station, which was registered as a first degree historical monument by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board, into an entertainment center by being rented on special occasions such as weddings and New Year's Eve, would damage the historical structure.
Gar Manager has no news
Haydarpasa Station Manager Orhan Tatar said he did not know about the rental of the garage. TCDD 1. Region Commercial Passenger Service Manager Veysi Alçınsu stated that they have rented the station with the instructions of TCDD General Directorate. he said he increased his volume.
'Can damage the building'
Metin Yildirim, Istanbul Number 5 Cultural Heritage Preservation Manager said, “Converting such an area to an entertainment center may damage the building, but the responsibility of that ratio belongs to TCDD. "A complaint must be written in order to investigate whether there is any damage or not.
The head of TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Anatolian Side Branch No. 1, Saltık Yüceer, said, “As TMOOB, we wanted to hold a cultural activity, but they did not give us by saying 'you would damage the historical texture'. So it was given to someone. "The high volume music made there and the smoke coming out of the fog machine will damage the walls and the icons and pictures on the walls," he said.
They want to forget the feature of being Gar
Mithat Bektaş, head of the Istanbul Branch No.1 of the United Transportation Employees Union, which is within the Haydarpaşa Solidarity, said, “They did the same for the Meat Fish Institution building next to the Haydarpaşa Station building. First they left it idle for 5-6 years, and now it is used as a tea garden, restaurant and cafeteria operated by TCDD Foundation and Ankara Demirspor. Here they want to compare Haydarpaşa to this.

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