Golden Horn Metro Bridge Counts Days to Start (Video)

Haliç Metro Bridge Counts Days to Open: In the Haliç metro transit bridge, which was built with a high-tech “inclined hanging cable-stayed” system, the works continue at a great pace before the opening in February.
When opened Turkey's first underground passage will be a bridge crossing the Golden Horn metro bridge, attracts attention with its two 55-meter-high steel tower resembling the horns. Located on average 200 meters south of the existing Unkapanı Bridge, the bridge was built with the “curved cable-stayed” system, which is applied in advanced technological bridges around the world.
There are 460 feet in the water section of the 936-meter-long bridge, which is 4 meters on the sea, the middle of which is built on a rail system and two sides open to pedestrians. The bridge sits in two feet of 47 meters high in the middle of the sea. There is also a section on the Unkapanı side of the 13 meter wide bridge, which is 12,6 meters above sea level. The Golden Horn station on the bridge was built in 8 meters long in accordance with the operation of 180 wagons. During the studies, a total of 16 drillings were conducted, 9 on the land (7 on the Beyoğlu side, 4 on the Unkapanı side) and 20 on the Golden Horn. During the construction, 51 pieces of piles, which were manufactured in Portugal and brought to Haliç three times, were also nailed. Each of these piles designed as a result of the analysis made by taking into account the seismicity, faulting condition, ground conditions of the Golden Horn base mud layer, was designed according to the final load value of 4 tons. The bridge, the construction of which started on January 700, 2, cost 2009 million liras.



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