Hakkari Winter Sports Candidate

📩 24/11/2018 12:49

Hakkari Winter Sports Center To Be Nominated: Year 7 month mountains covered with snow, which therefore winter sports terms of Hakkari have a significant potential, potential to be one of Turkey's most popular winter tourism centers.

A period of gunfire echoing in the mountains, capture the peace of mind with the process of solution Hakkari, the natural wealth of domestic and foreign tourists want to share.
The ski resort built by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Merga Büte Plateau at an altitude of 12 thousand 2 meters, 800 kilometers from the city center in order to evaluate the snowfall potential in the region, is a hope for the revival of winter tourism and offers sports lovers the opportunity to do winter sports such as skiing, sledding and snowboarding.
- Invitation to winter sports enthusiasts
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Reşit Güldal stated that they moved the ski facility to Merga Büte Plateau 3 years ago, and that the teleskis was offered to sports lovers with a baby lift system in the facility.

The ski resort is in the bidding stage and the ski resort will be further enriched with the completion of this unit and invited entrepreneurs to build a ski house and a hotel.
Güldal, the atmosphere formed by the solution process is reflected in all areas positively, said:
“There is 7 months of snow here. The first snows up the abdomen, and the latest in Turkey. We skied here even on April 30 last year. It is one of the centers with a high chance of skiing. If we revive and color our facility a little more, we will provide more service to our people. We invite ski lovers to Hakkari. We have 2 border gates. If our doors are opened, Hakkari will be the favorite of winter sports tourism. "
- "Our hearts are open to everyone"
The head of the Cilo Mountain Climbing Club, Hacı Tansu, also reported that the city is extremely rich in nature sports such as mountaineering, skiing and hiking.
Tansu explained that there is snow in Hakkari for most of the year and skiing can be made on the Berçelan Plateau and the Cilo Mountain glaciers throughout the year, and described the city's potential as an extraordinary wealth for sports fans.
Tansu, noting that question to discover the richness and needed to be improved, "athletes anywhere in Turkey, beginning with the solution process, we invite here. Let them come skiing. Of course, like in other cities, our super luxury hotels, Mavi bayraklı We do not have facilities, but our heart is open to everyone, ”he said.

- No different from Palandöken, Sarıkamış
Fatma Buduk, a teacher in the city, stated that Hakkari was surprised in every aspect and that she was almost enchanted by the track and extraordinary natural scenery she saw at the resort where she skied.
Stating that he studied in Bursa and skied in Uludağ, Sarıkamış and Palandöken, Buduk said, “But this place was no different from there. Ski facilities here need to be improved. Hakkari is a region with high mountains and snow. Ski lovers should come and slide here. "It is a place really no different from Sarıkamış and Palandöken."