Switch to vacuum toilet system in TCDD trains

TCDD trains move to the vacuum toilet system: The TCA called for the installation of a vacuum toilet system on the trains, pointing out that the opening of toilet expenses to the rails endangers human health.
The Court of Accounts demanded that the toilet wastes flowing on the railroad create environmental pollution, and the employees working on the railroads face a "vacuum toilet" by stating that some of the passenger wagons that are still in use are exposed directly to the railway. However, it was stated that the apartments within TCDD defend opposing ideas about the vacuum system.
In the TCDD 2012 report of the TCA, it was stated that the use of vacuum toilets on passenger trains is extremely important in terms of environmental pollution and human health. To carry out a study on determining the need by revealing the current practice in this regard; In this context, the Court of Accounts, which wants to evaluate the issue of establishing waste disposal centers to the points that will be deemed appropriate for vacuum toilets, is based on detailed research on these and similar issues, and also providing coordination between the units at each stage, starting with the emergence of a project as an idea; acceptance testing carrying out the inspection work meticulously for this purpose, laboratory testing centers in Turkey and in the organization of work as required defended the observance of all technical tests concerning ability.
The Court noted that the greenhouse gases emitted by railway vehicles and the control of wastes were brought to the agenda with the development of environmental awareness all over the world.
“Since the toilet expenses of some of the passenger wagons that are still in use are directly exposed, the wastes flowing onto the railway create environmental pollution and pose serious health problems to those working on the railway and those living around the railway. The application of 'vacuum toilet' is of utmost importance in order to prevent toilet wastes from being thrown directly on the railway line in passenger wagons. This issue is required as a necessity in passenger wagons that are newly supplied within TCDD, and there are vacuum toilets in DMU train sets. The use of vacuum toilets on passenger trains within the railways is extremely important for the environment and human health. ”
In order to apply the vacuum toilets in high-speed trains with high-speed trains to other existing passenger cars, EMU has started 2009 with 581, 366 air-conditioned 947 and 318 Vaccination and installation of the toilet system is planned to be told about the TCA said:
“Works have been initiated for this work by Cer Department in 2009, no bid has been received in the first tender and then the second tender has been made in 2010. The second tender was made on 2000 for 65 units of TVS09.07.2010 type passenger wagons in the first place, and a contract was signed with the contractor for USD 2.300.000. Within the scope of the contract numbered 300/700, the duration of which was determined as 1024 for delivery, 11.01.2011 for warranty and 03 calendar days in total and signed on 4500053613, a wagon was erected in 2011 and a prototype was created and delivered to TCDD officials. The first prototype wagon was rejected by the established admissions commission, and the assembly was carried out a second time after the deficiencies identified were completed. The second prototype wagon of the company was inspected by the acceptance committee on 08.07.2011 and a report dated 06.10.2011 was issued regarding the eligibility, and the company was notified to pass serial production on 14.10.2011. After the manufacturing process has started, TCDD has given time extensions to the contractor in accordance with the relevant legislation, and the contract process continues. As of the date of the audit (August 2013); It was understood that 65 of 56 wagons were completed and accepted and received by TCDD, the remaining 9 were assembled and in the acceptance phase. ”
There is a difference of opinion between the Presidency of TCDD and Presidency of the Department of Passenger about the construction of vacuum toilet system for the existing conventional wagons; The TCA said that there could be no coordination between the two circles before the tender.
“As a matter of fact, in the correspondence between the two departments related to the project, which has reached the final acceptance stage by being tendered in 2013, the Passenger Department; 'Since our apartment is planned to be started with full set transportation in the medium term, and to evaluate the existing conventional wagons planned to be vacuumed, leased or sold, it is not deemed appropriate by our Department to plan a vacuum toilet that will bring a large amount of financial burden to our organization and cause passenger complaints. It was determined that he made his reservations. It should be emphasized that the projects of all kinds of railroad and railway vehicles are based on detailed research and also the coordination between the relevant units at each stage starting from the emergence of the project as an idea. It is important for TCDD senior management to show the necessary sensitivity in this regard. ”
Pointing out the importance of testing the suitability of the system in all kinds of weather conditions in such and similar works, the Court of Accounts said, “For example; For the vacuum toilets, the system operating environment temperature stipulated in the Technical Specifications is -25 C ° / +55 C °. There is no laboratory and test center required to test its accuracy. Testing in natural conditions is possible only as long as the necessary climatic conditions occur. Therefore, the establishment in Turkey in the planned test center and laboratory studies are beneficial to consider this matter, "he advised.


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