Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities were inaugurated

Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities were inaugurated for the first time: The 2014 year of the Ergan Mountain Ski Resort was opened in Erzincan last year. Despite the low snow level, the opening was marked by the sled of the members of the protocol. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, Mayor Yuksel Cakir and Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Unal Tuygun, slide and slide with fun. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, re-remembered after their sledge childhood years, he said.

Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities, which was established on the skirts of the 10 thousand 3 meters high Munzur Mountain, which is 258 kilometers away from the city, was opened in 2014 with a ceremony. The opening, which attracted great interest from ski lovers and Erzincan residents, started with folk dances. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, Mayor Yüksel Çakır, Provincial Council President Ünal Tuygun, some institution directors and the people of Erzincan attended the opening of the Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities, where paragliding athletes attracted great attention.

Despite the low snow level, skiers and citizens came to the summit of Ergan Mountain with ski lifts and skiers. Some of them descended from the summit by skiing, while others enjoyed the sleigh with their children. Ergan Mountain and the ice covered the surface of the Ardıçlı Lake on the paramotor with the show of athletes who made the sled attracted great interest.


Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir who participated in the opening of ski facilities, Mayor Yuksel Cakir and President of the Provincial Council Unal Tuygun, ski clothes, wearing the sleigh enjoyed wearing. Governor Akdemir, who left them on sled by the 150 meter, had the time of adrenaline-filled moments. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, who made the statement after the pleasure of the sledge, said, böyle We returned to our childhood again after such years 30-40 years. So it's been a lot of years. We remember those years, and a great adrenaline. We continue to make all our young people, our children both to make sled and to ski. Bütün


Mr. Abdurrahman Akdemir, who provided information about the general situation of the Ergan Mountain Ski Resort and said the facilities cost 55 million liras, said, X There are many people in Ergan Ski Center. There is a very serious investment on the 55 trillion. The longest track, one of Turkey's attracting attention with its longest ski seasons. At the same time, the publicity of Erzincan Ergan Nature Sports and Winter Center. Much has been done but we are making a great effort to do much in the coming years. That day our troops facility, our accommodations, we think all these together when striking Erkan Turkey in the coming years, with its natural structure, we have no doubt it will become one of the ski resorts, attracting attention with its unspoilt natural structure. "He said.

Ergan Mountain ski resort citizens are pleased that such a facility in Erzincan, and during the winter season they will enjoy skiing in their facilities said they would enjoy this sport.