Erdogan: Sincan and Cayyolu metros finished

Erdogan: Sincan and Çayyolu metros finished. Metropolitan Municipality of 317 million cost of the opening of the project, Prime Minister Erdogan made. Erdogan, Xinjiang and Cayyolu subways, "In fact, two metro is finished," he said.
The 214 project, which was built by the Metropolitan Municipality, was opened with a ceremony in Arena Sports Hall. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the opening ceremony hosted by the Mayor Melih Gökçek. With the projects to be opened, Ankara will gain many investments in the green field of transportation, Prime Minister Erdogan, with bridged intersections in some areas will be solved transportation problems noted. Sincan Metro and Çayyolu Metro is also over, and the official opening will do, expressing Erdogan, Ankara, said the Metro would reach the metro culture. Erdogan continued his speech:
Orum I don't go to the groundbreaking ceremony as the prime minister, I just agree with the opening ceremony. Because in the past they have laid the ground and stayed at the place they threw. But we took the foundation, gave the date and made the opening. Today, we will bring important investments in all fields from transportation to Ankara, from aesthetic arrangements to social services. We have solved the problems in many areas of Ankara where there are congestion in Ankara by bridge junctions and bridges. It's a business of excitement, a love affair, a job of love. Love and not do not perform them.
I'm not counting what's done, you're living in Ankara, you know. Hopefully in a very short period of time, in fact, in the coming days, two subways are already finished, test drives are being carried out at the moment, the official opening will do. And so Ankara will start to experience a much different process in public transportation. 15-20 years ago there was a Ankara, then think of Ankara and think about this present Ankara. Did he know what the intersection with the bridge was. During this time by the metro was met, only had a light rail system in advance. But the subway now entered Ankara's culture. Ama
214 million TL spent in the project for the 317 recorded Mayor Melih Gokcek, ih Until the election by the Prime Minister 6 once again ask us to spend time for the opening. I hope two of our metroma will be opened with our Prime Minister. Ankara to reach the metros. Some of the 'Metropolitan Municipality began but did not finish' he says. We have made 1.2 quadrillion TL with today's figure, our budget was not enough. We made our Prime Minister nasal, thanks to the Ministry of Transport, and now we are running out of metros. We want to open the Sincan metro together, and we want to open the METU boulevard. S
The 214 project, which was opened by MUNICIPALITY, cost 317 million TL. Project costs are as follows:
17 overpass 108 million TL, social and cultural centers 17 million TL, three fire brigades 5 million TL, Hacı Bayram Mosque restoration and landscaping 4 million 490 thousand TL, Red Crescent and Nation lighting and facade 29 million TL, district districts markets 8 million TL, 11 pedestrian overpass 6 million TL, Elmadağ underground dam 1.5 million TL, water treatment plants 15 million TL, 25 watch tower 5 million TL, 576 school landscaping 1 million 400 thousand TL, Ulus Tabakhane Mosque restoration 492 bin TL, 89 taxi and 11 full stop 4 million 235 thousand TL



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