Erciyes opens to Europe

Erciyes opens to Europe: After the completion of the investments in Erciyes, which has taken important steps towards becoming one of the important winter tourism centers of the world, promotional activities have also started. Officials of Europe's five major tourism agencies came to Kayseri and examined the tourism potential of the region. Tourism professionals who admire Kayseri and Erciyes will carry out promotional and destination activities in different countries of Europe.

The representatives of European tourism agencies who came to Kayseri with Murat Bilal, Vice Chairman of Maxima Hotel Group, which has built a large accommodation facility in Erciyes, visited important historical artifacts and Wonderland in Kayseri as well as Erciyes Ski Resort.


Explaining his views on the tourism potential of Kayseri and the region, Ammy Vyen from ID Travel stated that there is a very serious potential in the region and said, “Erciyes has the potential of a ski resort that will make a tremendous impact in Europe in the coming period. Known ski resorts such as Austria, Italy and Switzerland have their highlights. If we emphasize the prominent elements in Erciyes, it is among the well-known ski resorts. It is a very luxurious potential to be able to come to ski directly by plane. This makes us an extra argument for selling. This is possible in Erciyes. When we introduce Kayseri, it will attract the attention of Europeans to see artifacts from the Roman-Byzantine period here. We will put the culture of Kayseri in front of those who do ski sports. Also, the strawberry of this place is Cappadocia. When you put Cappadocia on it, it becomes a very serious package. We will make a very serious promotion at the biggest tourism fair in the Netherlands. " he spoke.


Kras Tour Manager Mandy Clynk, the establishment of TUI, the largest tour operator in Europe, stated that they started to receive the first reservations about Erciyes as of last week. “This visit has been very useful,” says Clynk. We had the chance to see both modern life and historical texture. We visited mosques and churches and we were very comfortable. This situation is very important for tourism. " said. Vanda Rombauts, Deputy Director of Kras Tour, stated that he was particularly influenced by the Seljuk Museum and said, “After a few years I cannot think of this place. There are so many good works and it is progressing so well. " he spoke.

Samantha Ammerlaan, Manager of Campany Travel Counselors, said in her statement that she liked the Kayseri cuisine very much and that she would definitely come to Kayseri for skiing. Ammerlaan also noted that they started promotions in Europe.