Minister Elvan examines YHT line tunnels in Bilecik (photo gallery)

Minister Elvan examined the YHT line tunnels in Bilecik: The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, made examinations in the ongoing High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line tunnels in Bilecik. Minister Elvan said: “If we have a friend who personally made a mistake, of course they will account for him before the judiciary. But we must always keep our institutions upright ”.
Minister Lütfi Elvan examined the construction of the 2-meter high YHT line tunnel near Bilecik. Minister Elvan, who received information from the contractor company officials at the construction site of the YHT line in the Osmaneli district, then made a statement to the press members. Minister Elvan said: “We have received information about the work of the contractor companies. When can they finish things, what are the disruptive aspects, how can we fix these problems? We talked among them. We exchanged information with our TCDD General Manager, Undersecretary, Governor and all relevant friends. Of course, we are trying to put the Eskişehir-Istanbul high speed train to the service of our people as soon as possible. We are here for this purpose. We are trying to speed up the process. In this framework, both our ministry, railways and contractor companies work day and night. It is not possible for us to give an exact date regarding the completion of the study. Test drives continue in many sections. Apart from that, electrification and signalization studies continue. There are places that are troubled due to landslide. Problems in that direction need to be resolved. We have no troubles. But our friends are working fast. ”
Minister Lütfi Elvan, when asked by a journalist whether the investigations would hinder the work of YHT, said, “If there is anyone who is corrupt and really harms the state in this matter, even if it is a penny of the state, they will of course give the necessary account in front of the court. But never, by any means, especially when we look at the weekly progress, it is extremely wrong to make attempts to wear down our institution. Our state railways deliver our high-speed train, which is a dream for all of us, to our citizens and our country. kazanhas risen. Therefore, if there is a friend who has made a personal mistake, they will of course give an account for him before the court. But we must always keep our institutions upright," he said.


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